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Barker tops elected officials in 1991 income, with $111,000


Harford County Councilman Philip J. Barker earned more than any other elected county official in 1991, according to a recent financial statement.

Mr. Barker earned $111,037 last year, including the $18,500 he received for his work as a Democratic councilman from District F.

Among his assets, Mr. Barker lists a $107,000 home in Havre de Grace that he co-owns with his wife, Charlotte R. Barker, a $27,000 Lincoln town car and an $8,500 Oldsmobile.

Mr. Barker retired last year from J. M. Huber Co., a Havre de Grace company that makes chemicals used in commercial products, including whitening agents used in toothpaste and soaps.

Mr. Barker's statement lists $22,000 in miscellaneous liabilities, which on the disclosure statements used by county officials includes money owed on credit card accounts and other debts of less than $1,000.

County Executive Eileen M. Rehrmann had the next highest earnings, with her salary of $65,000 a year.

Mrs. Rehrmann, a Democrat, included among her assets a $150,000 home she co-owns with her husband and a $7,432 legislative retirement trust from her two terms as a state delegate from District 34.

Mrs. Rehrmann drives a 1989 Mercury Cougar, which she leases, according to her financial statement.

County Councilman Barry T. Glassman, R-District D, earned the third-highest income, $64,988, including his salary of $46,488 from Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. and his income of $18,500 for his council duties.

He listed a $150,000 home in Havre de Grace co-owned with his wife, Deborah, as his only asset.

Jeffrey D. Wilson receives the highest council pay, $20,000, because he is its president. He earned $44,564 last year, which includes his base salary of $11,280 as a pastor at a Presbyterian church in York, Pa.

Mr. Wilson's earnings also include his income of $1,705 as a columnist for the York Daily Record, and $1,705 as a farmer.

Mr. Wilson listed property assets of his home and 6 acres of land in Street, purchased from his father, George D. Wilson, in 1988, and valued at $35,000.

Councilman Robert S. Wagner, R-District E, also a farmer, earned $41,013, including his pay as a county official, and $22,513 from the farming business in which he and his parents, Earl E. and Hazel B. Wagner, share ownership. The councilman lists among his assets half-interest in a 185-acre farm in Churchville worth $415,000, $50,000 worth of farm machinery, and a $12,000 four-wheel drive vehicle.

Councilwoman Joanne S. Parrott, R-District B, listed a $135,000 home in Fallston, which she co-owns with her husband, E. Bruce Parrott, as her only major asset. In addition, Ms. Parrott listed a Nissan Sentra worth $6,773.50 and an Individual Retirement Account with $1,600 as her other assets.

Mrs. Parrott's total income was $19,205, including her salary as a councilwoman, $105 from the Fallston Club Inc. for her work as a story-teller, and $600 from an CIGNA Insurance Co. dividend. She listed miscellaneous liabilities of $400.

Councilwoman Theresa M. Pierno, D-District C, and Councilwoman Susan B. Heselton, R-District A, listed their salaries of $18,500 each as council members as their only income.

Mrs. Pierno listed among her assets a $120,000 home in Bel Air she owns with her husband, Robert, and a $14,000 Eagle Premiere automobile. She listed $2,000 in miscellaneous liabilities.

Mrs. Heselton included the Joppa home she co-owns with her husband among her assets, listing its worth as $41,272.21, as well as a 1991 Buick Park Avenue worth $26,000. She also listed a 100 percent interest in Sewfully Sue, a sewing business she started.

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