Annapolis woman accused of leading police on wild chase


An Annapolis woman was being held yesterday on charges that include driving while intoxicated and reckless driving after she allegedly led Anne Arundel County police on a wild chase through the streets of the Cape St. Claire area.

The woman was being held last night at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center, awaiting a court appearance.

The chase began as a traffic stop. Officer Thomas Lawler was working a radar gun about 2 p.m. Friday at Bellerive and Dorado roads when he clocked a 1987 Toyota sedan at what he believed was an excessive speed.

He pulled the car over and asked the driver for her license and registration. Officer Lawler observed that the woman's eyes were bloodshot, and she told him she was having domestic problems, police said.

As he was writing her a ticket, the woman began mumbling and acting in a bizarre manner. She suddenly backed up her car and, spinning wheels, headed in the opposite direction toward College Parkway.

Officer Lawler began pursuing her, and as he got to College Parkway, the woman drove past him, yelling at him out of the window.

She drove to Cape St. Claire Elementary School where Officer Lawler tried to block her into the parking lot, but she jumped a curb and drove past him. The woman drove to Southern Hills Drive, near the site of the original traffic stop, and got out of the car. When Officer Lawler drove up and tried to block her in again, she got back into the car and accelerated, ramming the cruiser. She backed up and hit another car, which created a gap for her to get away.

Meanwhile, Officer Lawler had gotten out of his car and ran over to the woman's car, stuck his hand in the window and tried to turn off the ignition. The car accelerated with Officer Lawler holding on. The car hit a curb, jarring the officer free. He got up and again attempted to reach in to turn off the ignition, but the car pulled away.

The woman drove to a nearby cul-de-sac and Officer Lawler again tried to block her in, but she jumped a curb and drove into the grounds of a condominium complex, up an embankment and onto Southern Hills Drive.

As the woman drove out onto College Parkway, her right tire came off its rim. She drove west on College Parkway, where an off-duty state trooper pulled ahead of her and tried to slow her down with his car. Officer Lawler drove up alongside the woman and managed to pull her over to the side of the road near Jones Station Road.

Police identified the woman as Diane Marie Frazier, 41, of the 1000 block of Broadview Drive in Annapolis.

Officer Lawler was treated and released at North Arundel Hospital for minor injuries to his left arm.

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