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Animal People promises to be an eye-opener


Animal People is new to the field of animal publications, but the folks behind it are old pros at turning out a periodical full of news and controversy.

During their tenure at Animals' Agenda, Kim Bartlett and Merritt Clifton transformed the magazine from a cheerleader for the animal-rights movement into a hard-hitting journal of animal issues. Their top accomplishment was a look into what animal-advocacy and environmental groups pay their top staff. The resulting pieces were eye-opening, especially to those who scrimp to Animal People will stress compassion over ideology.

donate to groups paying salaries in excess of $100,000 a year.

Other major pieces exposed staged hunts, in which surplus zoo animals were shot -- often in their cages -- by those anxious for trophies, the stolen-pet network and what happens to racing dogs and horses when their careers are over.

Ms. Clifton and Mr. Bartlett promise more of the same for their new publication, a newspaper to be published 10 times a year. It will stress compassion over ideology, they say, with stories on cat and dog rescuers, vegetarians who provide meals to homeless people, caring animal-shelter workers, wildlife rehabilitators and humane educators.

And despite the furor their series on salaries provoked, Animal People will continue to let those who contribute to animal causes know where their money goes. If you donate more than a couple of dollars to any national animal-advocacy group, this information alone is worth the $18 annual subscription fee.

To subscribe to Animal People, send $18 ($30 for two years) to Animal People, P.O. Box 205, Shushan, N.Y. 12873. If you want to donate a subscription to a local library, the rate is $12 a year. Based on their work at Animals' Agenda, Ms. Clifton and Mr. Bartlett's new publication is surely a must-buy for anyone who wants to stay informed on animal issues.

Ms. Spadafori is a licensed pet trainer in Sacramento, Calif. Questions about pets may be sent to her c/o At Home, The Sun, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21278.

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