Raising fashion's eyebrows Summer's look is well-defined, arched and, for some, thin


Get out the tweezers. Have some long-wearing eyebrow makeup handy.

It's time to raise your eyebrows.

Just make sure they're well-defined, arched and, if you dare, thin. Eyebrows are the focal point of a woman's face for summer and fall.

Want evidence? Check out Madonna's eyebrows in her recently released music video, "This Used to Be My Playground" -- hers are sparse and thin, a turnaround from her "Vogue" and "Like a Virgin" days. And we all know what happens when Madonna shows off a new look.

Check out the thin eyebrows of Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Claudia Schiffer, top models whose made-up faces serve as barometers for beauty trends.

The eyebrows of the year have a delineated arch and are slightly extended, said Agostina, a top Los Angeles-based makeup artist who has made up models and celebrities for Mirabella and Elle covers.

"Women should be careful not to make the arch too high because that gives the face a constantly surprised look," said Kathy Jeung, who has made up performers such as Vanessa Williams, Amy Grant and George Michael for music videos.

"For balance, I recommend soft color under the eyes, reminiscent of the '20s."

Pale cheeks and full, dark red lips complete the look for fall, said Jocelyn Zayco, makeup expert at Sebastian International, a maker of beauty products.

But it's the eyebrows that can make a dramatic difference in a person's looks.

Remember Joan Crawford and her thick, pasty-looking eyebrows in the '40s? Talk about looking powerful, dominant or, at times, even menacing.

How about Clara Bow's pencil-thin pair in the late '20s? Hers were fixtures of the flapper era.

And how can we forget Brooke Shields, whose bushy eyebrows epitomized "natural."

Thin, well-defined and arched eyebrows might be the look of the moment, but they're not for everyone, makeup artists said.

In some cases, sparse, thin eyebrows can age the face.

Hair that's plucked or waxed might not grow back. When a woman wants to return to the look of thicker eyebrows later, she might need more help from makeup or even elect to have eyebrows tattooed in.

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