Grandpa shares his know-howFor grandparents who want...


Grandpa shares his know-how

For grandparents who want to communicate across many miles, here are a lot of ideas from Meyer "Mike" Moldeven, a grandpa who's kept in touch with his grandchildren despite the 1,000 miles that separate them.

Moldeven, who lives in Del Mar, Calif., has compiled "A Grandpa's Notebook," 58 pages of ideas and stories to encourage grandparent-grandchild interaction, communications and well-being. "I have been a too-far-away grandparent and have tried to communicate and have succeeded in communicating with my grandchildren," he says.

Through the years, Mr. Moldeven has written and mailed "at least 50" stories to his grandchildren. "Storytelling is one of the best ways to convey to young children an image of what the world is like," he says. Mr. Moldeven could not find a publisher for his booklet, so "I print up a few dozen copies as I need them." They sell for $5. Write Mike Moldeven, Box 71, Del Mar, Calif. 92014-0071.

Be cool in the heat

It's hot, all right. If you want to find out how to protect yourself from some of the problems that heat spawns, Harbor Hospital Center can help. The hospital's "WELLth of Information" lecture series is addressing "Just How Hot Is It?" July 21. The lecture will cover heat exhaustion, heat stroke and dehydration and how to reduce the risk of these.

The program is at 11 a.m. in the Gruehn Building Auditorium, adjacent to the hospital at 3001 S. Hanover St. No reservations are necessary. Call (410) 347-3472.

Rubella vaccinations

Women still need to get rubella vaccinations. Despite what had been thought to be the near eradication in this country of the disease, also known as German measles, surprisingly large numbers of pregnant women are still contracting it and, in the process, endangering their unborn children, the Centers for Disease Control reports. Rubella can cause severe birth defects and even death to the fetus early in a pregnancy.

Worth noting

* "Families of Separation and Divorce Project." Six-week support group for adults coping with their parents' separations and divorces, sponsored by Jewish Family Services. Begins Thursday. For more information, phone Joan Kristall at 466-9200, Ext. 307.

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