Helping low-income families buy foodThe Women, Infants...


Helping low-income families buy food

The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) supplemental food program is now enrolling more families in Maryland. WIC provides vouchers, redeemable at grocery and drug stores, for free baby formula, milk, cheese, eggs and cereal to pregnant women, breast-feeding mothers and children under 5 years of age in families on public assistance and those that meet the program's income requirements. A family of two can make up to $17,002 a year and a family of four, $25,808 annually to qualify for the food vouchers. Applicants must make appointments to sign up for the program and children covered under WIC must accompany their parent or guardian to the appointment. For more information, phone the Baltimore City WIC Hotline, 396-9427, or the Maryland WIC Hotline, (800) 242-4WIC.

Working moms and kids

What's it like to have a mom who works? Well, it's not unusual, for sure.

But it does create some concerns -- for parents and kids. A kids'-eye view of working moms is the subject of a new children's book, "A Million Moms and Mine"

written by Leah Komaiko with a lot of help from 20 Chicago elementary school youngsters. In rhyme, Ms. Komaiko tells the story of Myrna McElroy, whose mom stays home. "Why can't I have a normal life?" Myrna laments as she details the jobs of her friends' mothers.

The book was commissioned by Liz Claiborne Inc. as part of its Women's Work, a national program that brings artists and non-profit organizations together to raise awareness of issues of particular interest to women. Proceeds from the book will be given to the Reading Is Fundamental Inc. national literacy program and the Harold Washington Library Center in Chicago. The book is available in some Liz Claiborne stores (the closest is at Tyson's Corner in McLean, Va.) or by mail from Liz Claiborne Women's Work, Box 736, Department A, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10101. The hard-cover book is $11.95; the soft-cover book $5.95. The shipping charge for either is $1.05.

Disability and the family

Researchers at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln are looking for people with disabilities and members of their families who are willing to participate in a research study on the effects of disabilities on the family.

Anyone who volunteers will receive further explanation of the

study and, upon consent, an anonymous questionnaire. Interested people should write to Susie Dahl, Child Guidance Center, 215 Centennial Mall South, Room 312, Lincoln, Neb. 68508.

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