Shriver has write stuff off tennis court, too

Reading Time, Two Minutes: Pam Shriver's sportswriting ability just about matches her work on the tennis courts these days, her efforts from Wimbledon proving bright, breezy and fun to read.

For instance, she was discussing the latest rumor in the London tabloids about Andre Agassi's going bald and ended up pointing out how she's an Agassi fan. However: "The only thing I do not agree with Andre on is his training regimen. His idea of a workout is tackling a tub of nachos and a large slush from the local convenience store. Ah, youth," said the woman who celebrates her 30th birthday Saturday.


* With any luck, Paul Carey, outfielder for the Rochester Red Wings, will be established with the Orioles by the time his kid brother Jim makes it up with the Washington Capitals as a goalie. Think of the money they'll save on tickets. Jim was picked right out of high school, where he posted eight shutouts in 21 games, reminding many of Tom Barrasso of the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins, who made the jump from a high school in Massachusetts to the NHL.

* Riddick Bowe, the Germantown heavyweight getting ready to fight Pierre Coetzer July 18 for the right to meet Evander Holyfield in the fall, is training a couple hours north of New York City. Predictably, he watched the recent Holyfield-Larry Holmes bout and revealed, "I see myself knocking Evander out in the fifth round. The champion's an embarrassment, fighting these old, fat retired imposters who can barely make it up the stairs to the ring." Bowe is 30-0 with 27 KOs, but is ranked behind Coetzer (29-3, 26 KOs) by the WBA.


* Marathoner Steve Spence of nearby Chambersburg, Pa., gave indication his training is proceeding in super fashion by beating Olympic teammate Bob Kempainen by nearly two minutes in a half-marathon in Connecticut.

Third at the world championships in Tokyo last fall, Steve says beating defending Olympic champion Gelino Bordin and several other world-class distancemen was no surprise to him. A while back, he changed his diet and training drastically, got married and decided to go at the marathon full time. Among other things, he runs 20 miles at a 5:30 pace one day and 28 miles at a 6:00 pace another for strength, then 40 minutes at about a 4:45 pace for speed.

* If a bunch of laid-back Swedes go out and trash their beloved Stockholm after being eliminated from the European soccer championships in the semifinals, what do you suppose a really accomplished gang of hooligans will be able to do to cities here when the World Cup arrives in 1994?

* Golfers, if the recent U.S. Open at Pebble Beach turned you on, be advised an outfit called T&E; Soft has a video game out that reportedly captures every topographical detail of the fabled course in 3-D. Toys R Us and Target has them for $60 and, don't worry, the adult market for Super Nintendo games is growing out of control.

* Despite submitting much better bids to host the state high school basketball tournaments in Ohio, Dayton and Wright State lost out to Ohio State. Included in the Buckeye bid were such things as football tickets for selection committee members and huge discounts on other sports facility use.

* NBC is doing a investigative report on the sleazy baseball card collecting industry on "Dateline" tonight at 10, so, kids, get ready to pay attention.

* Cal Ripken is almost an assured winner for the baseball award at the Jim Thorpe Pro Sports Awards show next Monday on ABC (9 p.m.). The show will have all the Hollywood trappings of the Academy Awards with the possible exception of Bob Saget of "America's Funniest Home Videos" being on hand to host. Think Cal will skip the home game against the White Sox to attend?

* Carl Lewis' not making the 100- and 200-meter sprint squads during the Olympic trials wasn't that much of an upset. But his long jumping was. A month ago, Carl flew past 28 feet in somewhat adverse conditions, and he was under 27 feet in New Orleans.


* A total of 100 golfers have stacked up winnings of at least $1.5 million on the PGA Tour career money list, so they don't care if you think they're athletes or not.