Not Cricket


It might not incite the kind of rage caused more than 200 years ago by taxation without representation, but a decision recently made in London should leave Americans hopping mad.

Officials in the British capital ruled that a baseball league for resident American youths would be barred from London's spacious Hampstead Heath. The officials said the noise and the traffic resulting from the games were ruining the woodland's pristine setting, though English children engage in cricket and soccer matches nearby. This is the second time in two years the league has been kicked out of a London park. It leaves American kids with no place to play.

Clearly an anti-baseball bias is behind the Brits' boorish behavior. As any Yankee (of the New York variety or otherwise) can tell you, to be anti-baseball is to be anti-American. We take umbrage that a long-standing ally would so dastardly banish our national game from London's parks. These officials must not be aware that baseball is derived from cricket and another British game, rounders.

The American woman in charge of the baseball league pointed out that if British kids in the U.S. wanted to start their own cricket or soccer league, local communities would go out of their way to help. Barring American kids who want to play baseball in a London park, well, just isn't cricket.

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