Crofton residents want intersection made safer


State roads officials say the intersection of Davidsonville Road and Defense Highway is not among Maryland's worst. But that is small comfort to Crofton residents who believe it is dangerous and needs some safeguards.

Three State Highway Administration engineers met with Town Manager Jordan Harding at the intersection yesterday morning and promised to spend the next 60 days studying whether the residents' concern is warranted.

Harding said he asked for the meeting following a series of serious accidents. "The community is quite concerned," he said. "I made that quite clear."

County police were not able to provide statistics on the intersection yesterday, and the highway engineers would not allow a reporter to witness yesterday's meeting.

Harding said he told the representatives that the intersection, surrounded by stores, restaurants and a nursery, has obstructed views and inadequate turn lanes.

The biggest problem, he said, is a hill on Defense Highway just east of the intersection. "Once a car goes through the intersection heading east, it disappears," Harding said.

Cars heading west are met by a flashing yellow light warning them of the upcoming intersection. But drivers pulling out of Staples Corner can't see oncoming cars until it is too late, Harding said.

He said the state engineers made no promises other than the study. The intersection, they noted, is not listed by the state as one of the most dangerous.

In the study, engineers will conduct a detailed count of cars, looking at traffic patterns and driver habits. They also will study police accident reports.

Harding said he would like to see improved warnings and turn-lane procedures. He said one of the suggestions from an engineer was to prohibit drivers from taking a right on red at some of the corners.

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