Hank Williams Jr.leaves in a huffAn apparently...


Hank Williams Jr.leaves in a huff

An apparently intoxicated Hank Williams Jr. swore at his audience and walked off stage after stumbling through parts of four songs in Bonner Springs, Kan., Saturday night.

Some people at the abbreviated show demanded ticket refunds. And some threw beer cups and other objects after the country singer left the stage, said Graham Phillips, secretary for Sandstone Amphitheatre.

"He was a little bit drunk, you might say," Mr. Phillips said. "He started calling people names. We've got some real irate people."

The Japanese are living longer

The life expectancy of Japanese, already the world's longest-lived, rose further last year, the government reported Saturday.

The life expectancy of the average Japanese woman born in 1991 was 82.11 years, up from 81.90 years the previous year. The life expectancy of the average man rose to 76.11 years from 75.92, the Health and Welfare Ministry reported.

It said the six-year difference in longevity between men and women was the largest ever. Japanese women have been the world's longest-lived since 1985, and Japanese men since 1986.

'Magnum P.I.'may hit big screen

Tom Selleck, who four years ago gave up his CBS-TV series "Magnum P.I." to pursue a movie career, is talking about bringing the role to the big screen.

Mr. Selleck has been calling his former co-stars John Hillerman, Larry Manetti and Roger E. Mosley to see if they'd be interested in doing a series of theatrical sequels for Universal Pictures, the current issue of TV Guide reports.

Hanks is pitching his baseball movie

Tom Hanks came to Boston to promote his new baseball movie, "A League of Their Own," and made a splash with Red Sox fans when he helped roll out a tarpaulin during a rain delay.

Mr. Hanks assisted ground crews at Fenway Park on Saturday during the ninth inning of a game against Detroit.

In the new movie, Mr. Hanks plays the manager of a women's baseball team. Geena Davis and Madonna co-star.

Michael Jackson 'dangerous' in Munich

He came, he saw, he did a little moonwalk. Then Michael Jackson put a rocket pack on his back and flew off stage after kicking off his worldwide "Dangerous" tour with a concert in Munich, Germany.

About 70,000 fans packing Olympia Stadium cheered every trademark tune, Jacksonian gesture and lunar two-step during the splashy show.

The 33-year-old entertainer tore through "Bad," "Beat It," "Billie Jean" and "Black or White" accompanied by balloons, giant video screens, light displays and numerous wardrobe changes that ranged from an 18-karat gold bodysuit to a black vampire cape.

Making his exit, Mr. Jackson wore a helmet and an ersatz rocket pack on his back and appeared to fly away off stage.

Happy birthday, Raggedy Ann

Floppy, redheaded Raggedy Ann turned 75 yesterday, but her popularity is no worse for wear.

The city where she was first stitched together, Norwalk, Conn., threw a bash for the huggable doll with the black button eyes and the heart emblazoned with "I Love You."

So how come Raggedy Ann has persevered, without benefit of Barbie's wardrobe or Cabbage Patch adoption papers?

"We all want to hold onto a piece of our childhood and that's probably where a lot of its popularity comes from," said Kim Gruelle, grandson of Raggedy Ann's creator.


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