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Put education first

From: Kellie M. Etheridge


In the June 12, 1992, issue of the Anne Arundel County Sun, Pat O'Malley made reference to the principle of North County High School, William Wentworth, in his "Sidelines" section.

O'Malley praised Bill Wentworth for taking such a "genuine interest in kids outside the classroom," by having an interest in sports.

O'Malley then questioned: "Do you think that if we had more administrators with the attitude of Bill Wentworth that we would have fewer problems in schools across the country?"

I say, absolutely not! Granted, Mr. Wentworth shows great enthusiasm and support toward the athletic teams at North County High School, but he shows minimal enthusiasm toward academics, which is the primary and most essential purpose of school. If more administrators had an attitude like Bill Wentworth's, schools across the country would deteriorate greatly, academically.

Educating inside the classroom should be first and foremost, but a large portion of our society, including newspapers, columnists, and principals, have put sports miles ahead of academics, as far as importance goes, and this trend will occur as long as society continues to put all of its enthusiasm into sports, while leaving academics on the back-burner.

For example, throughout the school year, high school sports are featured on a daily basis in newspapers, while high school academics appears to be a very obscure subject.

I would greatly prefer to see Mr. Wentworth and other principals show exceptional interest and concern toward academics and and be commended for showing support inside the classroom rather than for sports, because academics is an integral part of school and needs to be top priority.

Therefore, the whole problem is priorities. O'Malley suggested that if more administrators had the enthusiasm Bill Wentworth shows toward sports, schools across the country would be better. Well, he is totally wrong. If more administrators had as much, and hopefully more, enthusiasm toward academics as they do sports, then, and only then, would schools across the country be improved.

Keep golf course open

From: Michael J. Rose


I am writing to complain about the practice of closing Eisenhower Golf Course for private tournaments. There are many private golf courses that would be happy to schedule these tournaments.

Since Eisenhower is the only public golf course in Anne Arundel County and is supported by all county taxpayers, it is unfair (perhaps illegal) to deny access to the public for the private use of few.

I would urge anyone who would like to express and opinion on this subject to write or call:

Mr. Bill Rinehart

Acting Director of Recreation and Parks

Arundel Center

Annapolis, Md. 21404

(410) 222-3403

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