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Policeman loses day's pay for 'unbecoming' conduct


A county police officer was given a day off without pay as punishment for describing a female officer as "good in bed" in front of his squad in April, police sources said.

Police spokesman Officer V. Richard Molloy would not comment on the punishment, but he said that Sgt. George Halpin of the Southern District had waived his right to a departmental hearing and accepted "summary punishment."

Halpin made the remark during a shift briefing on April 14, sources said. Although the female officer was not present during the remark, she heard of it and filed a complaint with the department's Internal Affairs Unit.

On May 22, Halpin, a nine-year department veteran, was charged with conduct unbecoming to an officer, sources said.

Police officials said although the remark had sexual connotations, Halpin was not charged with sexual harassment because the female officer was not present when the remark was made.

Last month, Capt. Richard Smith, who heads the Criminal Investigations Division, was charged departmentally with conduct unbecoming an officer and sexual harassment after two civilian employees complained to Internal Affairs about remarks made to them.

On April 16, Capt. Don Ward, the former head of Northern District, retired after 25 years during an investigation of allegations of sexual harassment and rape brought by four civilian employees of the department.

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