Sports schedule 'not fair'From: Kathryn SeckEllicott CityI...


Sports schedule 'not fair'

From: Kathryn Seck

Ellicott City

I am writing in response to the June 7 article in the Howard County Sun ["Winter sports schedule changes get chilly response from some coaches," by Gary Lambrecht] concerning schedule changes for winter sports.

OC As a student at Mount Hebron High School, I dislike the idea of

changing these schedules. This past school year I recorded statistics for our girls basketball team. After watching the girls game, I was always able to stay and enjoy the boys basketball game afterward. I am disappointed that I will no longer be able to do this because the girls and boys games will not be at the same school.

Since I will be recording statistics for the girls basketball team next year, I will not be able to attend midweek boys games. Even if I was not going to record statistics for the girls team, I would be forced to choose between watching the two games. This is not fair.

Principals think that if the evening games are eliminated, the students would take that time to study. Wrong. As a student I feel more students would rather complete all their homework and studying before attending a game. This way we would have more motivation to finish our homework so we could go out for fun.

Don Disney [coordinator of health and physical education for county schools] changed this schedule "to facilitate a compromise between principals and athletic administrators and coaches," as the story stated. But what about the students, sports team members, and their parents?

(Kathryn Seck is a ninth-grader at Mount Hebron.)

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