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CCTV director to take his act to Va. station


WESTMINSTER -- For four years, Paul LeValley's name has been almost synonymous with Carroll Community Television.

But now the executive director, who has been with the community access channel since its inception in 1989, is moving on, having taken a position with Arlington Community Television in Virginia.

The Arlington station, with a prospective audience of 47,000 viewers and 59 hours of programming per week, has more than twice as many subscribers and produces around 15 more hours of weekly programming than its Carroll counterpart.

CCTV has a prospective audience of 21,000 viewers and presents about 45 hours of programming per week.

"I haven't been unhappy here," said LeValley, 34. "To date, it's the best job I've ever had. I wasn't really looking for work, but it was an opportunity that happened to come up."

But that doesn't mean LeValley and his wife, Diane Shinn, will be happy to leave Maryland in mid-July. Shinn, a consultant working as a liaison between private companies and the media, will continue to work out of their new home. Most of her clients are from the Washington area.

"We've come to love this area," said LeValley, who lives in Baltimore. "It's always difficult to make a change, but we feel it's the right move at the right time."

Nor is Micki Smith, county communications director and LeValley's supervisor, looking forward to starting the three-month process to replace an employee she describes as "wonderful."

"Would losing my left arm and right leg give you a vision of how I feel?" she said with a laugh. "You always hate to lose an outstanding employee, but you also rejoice in their moving to new and greater challenges.

"Paul has tremendous skill working with people. Combine that with his expert technical knowledge and you have the perfect person for the job."

Smith also gives LeValley credit for CCTV's success, saying that the groundwork he has done will make it easier to hire the next executive director. "He came in at ground zero and has built a cadre of volunteers that have an enormous number of programs on the air. It is now a viable channel for local television, and Paul's leadership has brought it to that point."

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