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Children have unique perspective on election yearWhat...


Children have unique perspective on election year

What do those who are not yet old enough to vote make of the brouhaha surrounding the presidential elections? One youngster thinks the job of political convention delegates is to "resent" their states. Another says people who are expected to help the president once he's elected sometimes are locked up in his Cabinet. These young political pundits are quoted in "The World According to Kids!" a compilation of 32 years worth of children's wit and wisdom by retired teacher Harold Dunn of Ballwin, Mo.

Another student explained that a "split ticket" is when you don't like any of the candidates on the ticket so you tear it up.

Maybe today's presidential candidates should take note. Here's some advice from the mouths of babes:

* Thin-skinned is good in apples but bad in candidates.

* Political ties are just to get elected and not to wear.

* Political strategy is when you don't let people know you have run out of ideas and keep talking anyway.

* A candidate should renounce his words carefully.

"The World According to Kids" is published by Spectacle Lane Press, Wilton, Conn.

Thought for food

Food is often an important part of family outings. And food, especially in summer, always presents the possibility of poisoning. You've heard these rules before, but they bear repeating.

So here are some safe-food tips courtesy of Baltimore's Harbor Hospital Center:

* Keep hot foods hot. Never leave hot foods out more than two hours. Holding temperatures are perfect for bacterial growth.

* Keep cold foods cold. After cooking foods, refrigerate in shallow pans rather than deep mixing bowls so foods chill quickly and thoroughly. Keep picnic foods on ice and do not leave out more than two hours.

* Keep everything clean. Wash hands before preparing food; keep dish cloths and towels clean, and wash cutting boards

and utensils with hot, soapy water between preparation steps.

Symptoms of food poisoning can begin from two hours to three days after contaminated food is eaten. Infants, small children and frail elderly people are in particular danger because of the possibility of dehydration.

Worth noting

Rollerblades are fun, but kids can get hurt. The first rule should be: no gear, no skating. Insist that kids wear protective gear -- wrist guards, knee and elbow pads (about $25 per set) and an approved bike helmet ($35 and up).

Here are some other tips from the International In-Line Skate Association to keep kids rolling along safely:

* Rent skates for a day from a skate specialty shop to get the best fit and to gauge your child's interest and skill.

* If you buy, choose polyurethane boots. They are light, strong and rigid. Look for a mid- to upper-range model with low friction bearings and smooth rolling action.

* Check equipment safety before every outing. Make sure the brakes are in good shape.

* Keep kids alert for uneven pavement and oil or water patches.

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