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Spanish junket leads to Crofton Visits to a country club and rock crusher highlight envoy's itinerary


Spanish travel brochures probably don't have Crofton high on their vacation lists, but that hasn't deterred one government official from making the community part of his travel plans.

Gerado Conde Roa will make his way to the special tax district Friday morning at about 10, lunch at the Country Club, visit a rock crusher and learn a little about U.S. bureaucracy in small-town government.

"He wants to know what a city manager does all day and, by God, I'll show him," said Jordan Harding, who manages Crofton.

Roa, 32, is a member of the Popular Party who represents communities in the northwest part of his country. He is in Maryland as part of a program sponsored by the International Visitors Center in Baltimore.

"I am going to show him my town, my lake, my swans, my golf course," Harding said. "He is going to meet the merchants and see the construction of roads."

Roa also will visit with the Baltimore Development Corp., the Democratic and Republican parties' headquarters and a political campaign on the road.

The international center says Roa has a strong interest in local government and the town manager's dealings with various boards, commissions and agencies. He also is interested in the role of the press in politics.

Harding said he will make Roa in honorary citizen of Crofton and take him to see controversial sites, including developments that displease the community.

"I will show him things that are wrong, the bad with the good," Harding said, adding that the little details are important, too. "He can take them back and tell people about us. We do it up right. He won't forget us."

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