Brrrr! Get the extra blankets Cold Canadian current sets record low temperature. More to come.


A record low temperature for this date was set today when the mercury dropped to 46 degrees at 5 a.m. at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, the National Weather Service said.

And if you like the chill, you'll probably enjoy it through Friday.

The record low temperature at the Custom House in Baltimore -- 53 degrees set in 1972 -- was tied this morning at 5 a.m. The previous record low at the airport was 51 degrees, set in 1963.

Bill Miller, a meteorologist at BWI, said a Canadian air mass is responsible for the unseasonably cool weather that arrived Saturday evening.

If you're thinking Canada today, think New England on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. That's when another cool mass is expected to stall over that part of the nation and pump more cool air into the mid-Atlantic region.

Mr. Miller said another record low should be established early tomorrow, just before the high pressure system associated with today's cool weather moves off and is replaced by another.

The average daytime temperature for this time of the year is 85 to 86 degrees, the meteorologist said.

Officials in Ocean City said the cool air mass brought brisk temperatures and winds that made the second full day of summer feel like September.

A low temperature of 50 degrees was recorded overnight and northwest winds of up to 15 knots were expected to buffet the 10-mile length of beachfront today, said Seaman John Roberts at the Ocean City Coast Guard station.

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