Hand-painted set of berry bowls is Japanese


Q: Enclosed is a picture of a seven-piece berry set. It consists of a large bowl and six small bowls all marked "Hand-Painted -- Nippon."

Will you please tell me whatever you can about this set.

A: This set was made in Japan between 1891 and 1921 when the McKinley Tariff Act required them to mark everything "Made in Japan." "Nippon" does not identify the maker; it is simply the Japanese word for "Japan."

Your berry set would probably sell for about $265 to $285.

Q: I have an autographed photo of movie star Warren Beatty. It measures 7 by 9 inches and has a list of the pictures he has been in on the back.

How much is this worth, and where can I sell it?

A: The current price list shows this at $60. I don't have a list of buyers.

Q: This monogram is on the back of a plate commemorating the 1904 World's Fair at St. Louis. In the center is a picture of Thomas Jefferson, and around the rim are pictures of various buildings at the fair.

I would like to know the value of my plate.

A: This plate was made in England for Rowland and Marcellus, probably by British Anchor Pottery. It has sold for as much as $175 in antique shops.

Q: Please tell me what you can about my antique mug. It is marked "Oliver Typewriter Co. Annual Conference, December 30, 1905."

A: Advertising items like this are very popular with collectors. I find this one listed in "Warman's Americana & Collectibles" for $375. (I hope it isn't a misprint!)

Q: I have a desk-type cigarette lighter in the form of a 6-inch airplane. When you turn the propeller, the wing opens to expose the lighter.

When was this made, and does it have any value?

A: Your lighter was probably made in the 1930s and might sell for about $75 to $85.

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