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Donor's generosity shines as an example for the rest of us


The old tent revival song asks us, "Will there be any stars in my crown when at the evening the sun goeth down, when I walk with the blessed in the mansions of rest, will there be any stars in my crown?"

Well, there is someone in our county that has at least 32,000 stars in his or her crown.

A generous donor stepped forward during the first week in June, contributing $32,000 to the Carroll County Human Services Program, and this Carroll countian wishes to remain anonymous.

Here is a truly generous donor, one who wishes to keep his or her good deeds hidden from the public. All of us need to express a huge thank you to this person for caring and dedication.

The homeless shelters in our county were scheduled to close due to government cutbacks. During these tight budget years, some programs were bound to see the budget ax.

But some programs should be maintained with private contributions.

Now is the time for our community to step forward and accept the responsibility of caring for the needy of our community. Not many of us can step forward and make a contribution of $32,000, but we can each give a few dollars to assist county residents who find themselves out of work and homeless.

We can each pick up an extra can or two of food or an extra kitchen pantry item and drop it off at the Distillery Building in Westminster on Railroad Avenue.

These items are collected and distributed to those in need in our county. We can remember our neighbors who need our help year-round, not just when Christmas baskets are prepared by so many civic and fraternal organizations.

As I see it, we Carroll countians have proven in the past our willingness to assist those less fortunate than ourselves. Thanks to a generous donor in our midst, we've been shaken and reminded that charity begins at home.

Let's all work together to assist our own citizens in need, and a special thanks to Mr. or Ms. X for reminding us of our

responsibilities to our fellow man.

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