Once-a-week bowler rolls house record at Bel Air Bowl


Over the winter, Linda Byus bowled one night a week in the Sunday Mixed League at Bel Air Bowl lanes in Bel Air, and that was enough for her to carry a 180 average.

Linda lives in Forest Hill with her husband, Rick, who carries a 180-plus average in the same league.

With the winter league over, Linda and Rick plan to bowl in a summer league at Brunswick Lanes in Perry Hall.

But before the winter league rolled to a close, Linda threw her career-high single game -- 279.

The memory of that should help her bowl well in the summer league.

"The 279 is a house record," said Jane Newman, program coordinator for Bel Air Bowl, said. "I don't think that Linda knew that when she threw it."

Linda, who started bowling 12 years ago, recalled the big night: "I was subbing in the Friday night league, and after the first game I walked down the lanes to where Rick was bowling and said if I didn't start bowling better, the team I was subbing for would probably shoot me."

A 180-average bowler starts thinking like that after throwing a 114 game. The second game was a lot better for Linda -- 190.

"In the last game I didn't realize that I was doing anything unusual until the 10th frame," she said. "Then I noticed how quiet it was in the center.

"Then I realized that it was quiet because everyone had gathered behind the lanes I was bowling on and that the reason they were there was because I had thrown nine strikes in a row. That was when I got nervous. Then I started thinking about the possible 300 game and when I walked up on the approach for the 10th frame, all I could think about was throwing a decent ball."

It was a decent, but it wasn't strike. One pin remained standing.

"Now all I wanted to do was not miss that single pin," Linda recalled.

Linda picked up the single for the spare and finished with the Bel Air Bowl ladies house record 279 game.

Now all Linda has to is do is spend a lot of time explaining to folks how she threw a 279 game and didn't have a 600 series.

A5 A lot of bowlers would love to have that problem.


Around the lanes:

An AMF Accuscore 2500 Plus system was installed at Bel Air Bowl June 8 and should make for hassle-free bowling.

Each bowler will be issued an identification number when they enter the center. The AMF system will track the bowlers last 100 games, including open play. Bowlers' scores and average will be available at all times to the bowler and bowlers will also be able to get a computer printout on their bowling stats.

When league bowlers arrive to compete, they just press a button and the team line-up will appear on the system and it will track everything.

All the bowler has to do is put on the old bowling shoes and enjoy.

* The 1992 Annual Summer Team and Doubles Tournament at Bel Air Bowl will be played on weekends, July 11 through Aug. 23. Information: (410) 838-4360.

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