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Agrees with columnFrom: Chris JeffriesEdgewoodI'm in agreement...


Agrees with column

From: Chris Jeffries


I'm in agreement with Mark Guidera ["Chiefs ought to remember parade's for the public," The Harford County Sun, June 14].

Sounds like a bunch of little kids who haven't learned that there is more to life than rattles and kickball. The chief seems to say, "If we can't use the entire playground, we're taking our toys and going home."

The problem is, the playground and the toys belong to the community, not to the fire chiefs. Members of the community donate "their" tax dollars and make personal contributions to the fire companies.

The community is asking the companies to reduce the amount of equipment in a parade that is already long enough.

If you think about it, they're trying to save the community money by reducing the fuel used to run the equipment and to leave some room for others to show off their stuff in the parade.

It would be refreshing to know that there will be some equipment in the parade and manned equipment in the engine house, ready to respond to the communities' emergencies during the holiday.

Come on chiefs, you can come up with a solution to the problem. This year, three pieces of equipment respond to the parade, and next year, three different pieces respond, with different crews.

In this way everybody will get a chance to ride in the parade, and so on, year after year.

Wake up, this is the real world, we can't always have what we want. So, we adjust to make life livable for all concerned.

Remember, this is a holiday for our young and old alike, to celebrate an independence of intelligent thinking.

Parade with fewer trucks

From: Barbara Ree


I was at the Bel Air Fourth of July Parade last year, and it did seem very long, drawn out and noisy, with so many fire trucks in the parade and all the sirens and horns blowing.

We do like to see a few fire trucks -- three or four -- with each marching unit. Beyond that, it gets repetitious.

Have more firemen march to represent their departments; all don't have to ride in the trucks. Not everyone wants to be in every parade, so it shouldn't be hard to set up a schedule for the season.

If the firemen choose not to be in the parade because they can't have their way, there will be many other floats, marching units, etc., that will make it an event worth seeing.

8, Please stand firm -- not so many trucks.

She calls it littering

From: Peggy Bowser


Is it or isn't it unlawful to litter? The answer to this question seems to be different, depending upon whether you are an individual who throws a gum wrapper out of your car window or a paper man throwing out free papers.

A few years back, my father-in-law was cited for littering when a gum wrapper flew out of the back of his pick-up truck.

On any given day in Harford County you can see all sorts of things being thrown in driveways.

Why is my property any less important than state-owned property? Littering is littering!

If these entrepreneurs want to give out their products, please do it by the law and use paper or mail boxes.

& Please stop littering.

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