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The following is a compilation of some...


The following is a compilation of some of the crimes reported to county police agencies last week:


200 block of Mayberry Drive: Bicycle, worth $100, stolen from residence.

900 block of Paradise Road: 2 boat motors, worth $1,250, were stolen.

1300 block of S. Philadelphia Blvd.: Wallet, cash and money orders, worth $260, stolen from motel.

100 block of W. Bel Air Ave.: 20 air conditioners, a lawn mower and a lawn cart, valued at over $5,000, stolen from business.

800 block of W. Bel Air Ave.: $483 in currency and travelers checks stolen from business.

900 block of Beards Hill Road: Gold chain and watch, worth $458, stolen from business.

300 block of Mayberry Drive: Arson to 1983 Ford, worth $2,000. The Fire Marshal's Office is investigating.


3000 block of Tipton Lane: Copper wire, worth $600, stolen from a residence.

2900 block of Sunderland Court: Gas grill, worth $200, stolen from residence.

300 block of Singer Road: Oxygen bottle, worth $50, stolen from construction site.

100 block of Waldon Road: Backpack-style blower, worth $600, stolen from vehicle.

3500 block of Thomas Point Court: Golf clubs and accessories, worth $2,105, stolen from vehicle.

Bel Air

600 block of Weatherby Road: Cassette tapes and case, valued at $1,180, were stolen from a vehicle.

2200 block of Old Emmorton Road: Window, valued at $500, damaged on car.

1200 block of Brighton: Dishwasher, worth $297, stolen from home under construction.

1800 block of Hamlet Place South: Purse, currency and credit cards, worth $50, stolen from residence.

900 block of Redfield Road: Motor vehicle vandalized. Damage to lock, glass and antenna estimated at $250.

900 block of Redfield Road: Two hubcaps, worth $100, stolen.

800 block of Belair Road: 1983 Ford pickup, worth $2,000, stolen from auction lot.

900 block of Redfield Road: Bicycle and tennis shoes, worth $70, stolen from residence.

100 block of Idlewild St.: Left front door of vehicle, worth $150, dented.


3000 block of Churchville Road: Car radio, worth $400, stolen from motor vehicle.

3000 block of Churchville Road: AM/FM radio, worth $200, stolen from motor vehicle.


2300 block of Glen Cove Road: Stereo, speaker and cassette

tape, worth $185, stolen from boat.


800 block of Gilway Court: Dog collar, worth $50, stolen from animal.

1400 block of Harford Square Drive: Window, worth $100, damaged during breaking and entering.

L 2200 block of Cedar Drive: Two bicycles, worth $500, stolen.

2700 block of Beckon Drive: Speakers, worth $250, stolen from motor vehicle.

2200 block of Philadelphia Road: Outboard motor, worth $1,000, stolen from repair facility.

3000 block of Pulaski Highway: Weed-eaters, worth $485, stolen from shed at business.

300 block of Kennard Ave.: Porch screens, worth $300, vandalized.


2400 block of Belair Road: Currency, credit cards and wallet, worth $111, stolen.

2800 block of Belair Road: A 1984 Dodge, worth $3,000, was stolen from a commercial lot.

Havre de Grace

500 block of S. Union Ave.: Car phone, worth $300, stolen from car.

200 block of Wilson St.: Television, worth about $1480, stolen from residence.

1100 block of Revolution St.: Truck windshield, worth $250, damaged.

100 block of N. Earlton Road: Currency, worth $270, stolen from residence. Window and china closet damaged.


2400 block of Old Mountain Road: Two cash registers, currency, cigarettes and liquor, valued at $4,367, were stolen from a business.

300 block of Magnolia Road: Air conditioner, worth $350, stolen from residence.

1000 block of Joppa Farm Road: Microwave, refrigerator and barbershop equipment, worth $600, stolen from business.

600 block of Towncenter Drive: Clothing, worth $500, damaged at business during breaking and entering.


700 block of Wheeler School Road: Scaffolding and picks, worth $500, stolen from church property.

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