A Sunday treat and special helping of 'Q's without A's'


First things first, sports fans, that's the reason for this Sunday session of "questions without answers."

You would have gotten this dosage of "Q's and A's" on Friday had it not been for the announcement of Bill Zucco as Arundel's new head football coach. Does it really matter, sports fans?

Don't forget, the ground rules for this frequent -- through quiz-land. Any comments, answers or questions of your own should be directed to my 24-Hour Sportsline, 647-2499, and don't give me that stuff about being on vacation.

* With a mob scene of youth baseball coaches on hand, wasn't it great the weather cooperated and Linthicum-Ferndale Youth Athletic Association tournament director Lew Holmes was able to conduct the drawings for 11 different tournaments Wednesday night?

Holmes was excited by the turnout and number of good teams from the county and elsewhere. He and LFYAA field director George Herget plan to start the youth baseball extravaganza on Saturday, with games starting at 9 a.m. and running all day for the next few weeks. Nearly 150 teams in the four age groups (7-8, 9-10, 11-12 and 13-14) signed up for the double-elimination tournament play.

But with parking around the fields (adjacent to the Apache football and lacrosse fields next door to North County High) at a premium, doesn't former Linthicum-Ferndale coach Charlie Feuerherd raise a good question when he asks, "How come we can't park on that county-owned lot up there"?

Feuerherd, whose son, Wayne, currently coaches the Linthicum Athletics 13-14 team, was referring to the parking lot atop a hill behind the right field fence on the Pony League field. The lot is being used as a corral for a nearby horse farm, and that bugs Feuerherd and many other people who used to park there.

Holmes also reports that the Friends of Joe Cannon Committee has accepted the financial responsibility of the Continental Amateur Baseball Association 18-and-under World Series, which will be played here July 26-Aug. 5.

Dave Conrad (committee president) told me he wants to have a dance for the Friends of Joe Cannon Stadium and he will donate his services (as a disc jockey) for half price, Holmes added. "But I don't think I'm interested in that deal."

Conrad, known as "Moon Doggy," has a professional D.J. service and Holmes does not view his offer as being a good one. What do you think?

* Can you blame Mayo American Legion Post 226 coach Bernie Walter for being upset with opposing legion teams for constantly postponing games in the first two weeks for one excuse or another, but most of them still being able to play his team?

In other words, several of the legion clubs called off a few games, but managed to play Mayo with their best pitcher available.

"All those postponements means they can save their best pitcher for us. And we never catch a break, despite the fact we fulfill the commitment to play our games," said Walter.

Does it sound it to you that Walter's players (same age, same problems and same distractions as the others) just might be a bit more dedicated to the game of baseball?

The 18-and-under Connie Mack League which has inter-league play with the legion teams, has the same problems, and it almost caused a dedicated veteran coach, Steve Herzberger, to give it up. Herzberger, coach of the Pasadena Saints, was pretty upset with his seniors not showing up for one reason or another, and contemplated hanging it up.

Shouldn't young players who sign up to play for certain teams be learning the importance of commitment and appreciate the many volunteer coaches who show up for them?

* Isn't it hilarious that the three Severna Park High grads who played in the First Joe Cannon Committee All-Star Baseball Classic (all county seniors) on June 3, left the game in progress at 6:30 p.m. to take batting practice with Severna Park Legion for an 8:30 game at Arundel High vs. Mayo and got zapped, 10-4?

Arundel's Walter, also the coach of defending legion champion Mayo, stayed until the end of the high school all-star game with his players, then went over to Arundel and beat Severna Park Legion.

Isn't stuff like that (leaving early) very discouraging to those who volunteer their time to showcase the kids and makes people ask, "why bother?"

Did I miss something? Was the Arundel-Severna Park Legion Game, the seventh game of the World Series?

* Isn't it something that two Little Orioles pitchers, 14-year-old Mike Wooden and 15-year-old Jay Sponaugle threw 80 mph on the radar gun at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore last Saturday in a tryout camp conducted by Orioles scouting supervisor Jim Gilbert?

"That's pretty darned good for kids that young," said Gilbert of the two right-handers who pitched for their respective varsities vTC as freshmen this spring. Wooden attends North County and Sponaugle, Glen Burnie.

According to Oriole associate scouts Clayton Jacobson and Larry Shillenberg, the head coach and pitching coach, respectively, at Anne Arundel Community College, both boys hit 80 mph in the Camden Yards bullpen and also out on the main diamond in a game conditions workout.

Wooden and Sponaugle each pitched an inning under game conditions against 18- to 20-year-olds and did not give up a run.

* Did you baseball nuts (including me) hear that former Northeast All-County third baseman/slugger Donnie Shump and shortstop Andy Srebroski, who sparkled at Anne Arundel Community College, impressed the Oriole scouts at Camden Yards in the tryout camp? For those of you who have seen him play this summer for Severn Legion, doesn't Shump look trim after his recent weight loss?

Wasn't it pretty considerate of North County lacrosse parent, Norm Stevenson (whose son is freshman Ian) to call the 24-Hour Sportsline and ask me to tell everybody about three county public school players who made The Washington Post All-Metro lacrosse team? Midfielder Andy Ross of North County, defensemen Chris McQueeney of Southern and Graham Niemi of Arundel all made the list.

* How about a fine round of applause for Carl Harding of the Harding-Lowry Gym in Pasadena? Last week, Harding received the National Veteran Boxers' Association Maryland Ring 93 Harry Jeffra Memorial Award for his contributions to the sport of boxing.

The late Jeffra was a Baltimore boxing legend who passed away a couple years ago.

Harding has operated a small gym in Pasadena for almost a decade and has contributed to the development of a lot of pro and amateur boxers. It would be safe to call Harding "the Mack Lewis of Anne Arundel County."

* Did you Anne Arundel County Sports Hall of Fame members know there is an important meeting to discuss upcoming events set for 7 p.m. tomorrow at Michael's Eighth Avenue?

For information on the County Sports Hall of Fame, call Vicki at 222-1148 or 636-0078.

* Finally, did North County coach Tom Taylor have his tongue firmly implanted in the side of his cheek, when he called on the 24-Hour Sportsline to volunteer his services as swimming coach if the Knights ever start a swim team, as the the Parents For Swimming in Anne Arundel County hope?

"I'm your first volunteer at North County," said Taylor. "I have been an avid surfer, and surfed every summer. I have surfed in several areas of the world, including Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico and California.

"I have very good strokes, and since I'm not coaching wrestling anymore, I want to be the first to volunteer as swimming coach in our above-ground pool right outside our principal's [Bill Wentworth] window."

Isn't it a shame when coaches snap like that?

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