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**** EXCELLENT*** GOOD** FAIR* POOR# Salt water...



# Salt water OCEAN

Inshore *** The south jetty at Ocean City inlet has been a good choice for sea trout. Try casting bucktails with squid, peeler crab or minnows close to the rocks on the rising tide. Kingfish and spot provide the bulk of the surf fishing, but a few blues are around. Try cut mullet for blues, bloodworms for kingfish and spot. In the back bays, especially along the channel edges, nice catches of flounder have been reported on drifted minnows.

Offshore **** A few bluefin tuna have been taken from the Jackspot. Mako and blue sharks have been caught between the 30 and 50 fathom lines, and bluefish in the 14-pound range have been hitting at the Fingers and the Lumps. Some bonita mixed with the blues. Head boats still are doing well on sea bass at the wrecks.


Lower bay -- In Tangier Sound, off Crisfield and Deal Island and at Hooper Strait, sea trout and keeper croaker are mixed, and bottom fishing with peeler crab in the deeper holes has worked well. The same areas will also produce spot and an occasional channel bass. Bluefish are scattered from Tangier Sound through the Middle Grounds west toward Point Lookout. Breaking schools of smaller blues, from 1 to 3 pounds, also have been reported in the Point Lookout and Point No Point areas, as well as in the Middle Grounds. Casting spoons to the breaking schools works well. Chumming also has been producing blues. Flounder catches have been increasing in Tangier and Pocomoke sounds, Cornfield Harbor and Hooper Strait.

Middle bay *** Black drum catches to 70 pounds are still being reported at Drum Point, Honga River, Stone Rock and Poplar Island. Bottom fishing with peeler crab over oyster bottom in 12 ++ to 18 feet of water works very well. Bluefish are scattered from the mouth of the Patuxent and Cedar Point to Chesapeake Beach and Holland Point on the western shore, and from the Bay Bridge to Bloody Point, Poplar Island, the mouth of the Choptank and Taylor's Island on the Eastern Shore. Best bet here is to troll spoons or hoses along the edge of the shipping channel. Gum Thicketts, Brownies Hill and the Gooses also have been good spots for blues from 2 to 12 pounds. Some flounder, sea trout and small to medium spot have been taken near the mouth of the Choptank, the mouth of the Patuxent and the mouth of Eastern Bay. Cedar Point and Blackwalnut Point have also been good for flounder. Croaker from 10 to 12 inches also have started to move into the mouth of the Choptank.

Upper bay *** In the past two weeks, some big blues, from 8 to 12 pounds, have moved above the Bay Bridge to Love and Swan Points. The best news is that the white perch are moving out of the rivers -- even if they are several weeks late. Good areas to try are Belvedere Shoals, Key Bridge, Tolchester and Chester River. Bloodworms or clam snouts have worked well.


Upper tidal *** In the Fort Washington-to-Mattawoman areas, grass beds in the creek mouths and the river points will turn up some largemouths on rattling lures or artificial worms. Decent catfish in the deeper holes.


Patapsco *** In the lower river, white perch action is picking up near the Key Bridge. Catfish catches are increasing. In the upper river, smallmouth bass fishing continues to be very good.

Patuxent *** Bluefish off the river mouth. Spot, some sea trout, flounder and croaker action as well.

Susquehanna *** 1/2 White perch catches have been good in the Port Deposit area on bloodworms. Good catches of smallmouth bass in the area around Port Deposit. Crankbaits worked around the islands have produced good bass catches. Largemouth bass hitting worms or spinnerbaits fished around wood structure.

Gunpowder *** Largemouths have been banging artificial worms and top-water lures and white and chartreuse spinnerbaits near the grass beds or wood cover.

Middle -- *** Largemouth bass have been active on artificial worms and spinnerbaits near wood cover early and late in the day.

Choptank *** The fishing pier at Cambridge continues to produce catfish, perch, some spot and some blues. Bass fishing is good up river toward Denton, with post-spawn bass in thick cover.

Chester *** Catfish in the river near Langford on clam snouts and chicken livers and bluefish starting to move into the river mouth. White Perch off Eastern Neck Island.

Freshwater lakes and rivers

Deep Creek Lake **** Lots of action in the shallows, from 6 to 10 feet of water. Drifting small minnows has turned up a good number of trout. Yellow perch have been active and hitting night crawlers. Crappie and yellow perch have been hitting night crawlers fished around structure.

Upper Potomac River *** 1/2 Pumpkin/pepper salt grubs should work well on smallmouth bass through much of the river when bumped along the bottom. Large bluegill will take worms and small grubs, and catfish are hitting chicken livers, helgrammites and shiners. Be certain to check river levels before picking where to fish. (703) 260-0305.


Liberty *** Largemouth bass catches have been good in the areas around the Route 32 and Route 26 bridges and Oakland Point.

Loch Raven *** Largemouth bass are around the grass beds, where spinnerbaits and artificial worms have worked well. White perch, crappie and bluegill have been close to shore and small minnows have worked well.

Triadelphia and Rocky Gorge *** Largemouth bass active near shoreline structure and hitting artificial worms and floating minnow imitations. Channel cats up to 8 pounds on chicken livers.

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