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Capitals could lose Langway and Bergland


Defenseman Rod Langway, 35, and right wing Tim Bergland, 27, might not be with the Washington Capitals by late tonight.

They top a list of 17 players the Caps have made available to the Tampa Bay Lightning and Ottawa Senators in the NHL expansion draft, which starts at 6 p.m. in Montreal.

Washington figures to lose one defenseman and one forward in the draft. The expansion teams will get 20 players each. The current 22 NHL teams are allowed to protect 14 of their forwards and defensemen and two goaltenders.

Bergland, right wing Mark Hunter -- who was acquired in a trade Monday that sent Nick Kypreos to the Hartford Whalers -- and center John Byce are thought to be the most attractive Washington forwards on the list. Byce, 24, played for the Skipjacks last season.

Langway, Ken Sabourin and Shawn Chambers are considered the top defensemen available from the Capitals.

Washington general manager David Poile said last night that he doesn't think the Capitals will lose Langway because he is threatening to retire if drafted.

"Rod won't be taken," said Poile. "I see Ken Sabourin going among our available defensemen, and Mark Hunter or Tim Bergland being chosen from our forwards."

Poile said there is always concern about diluting the product when expansion occurs.

"You worry about it," Poile said. "But I hope the league remains competitive enough to put on a good show."

Skipjacks coach Barry Trotz said last night that Byce, if not drafted, could be called up to the Capitals for next season.

"Each team in the AHL is going to lose one player to its NHL franchise as a result of the expansion draft," said Trotz. "We're all in the same boat. I don't think it will affect a lot of teams in the AHL because most of the players taken will be at the lower end of the NHL scale."

Trotz said right wing Reggie Savage has the best chance to be promoted to Washington next season as a result of the expansion draft.

They're available

Here are all the Washington Capitals and some of the more familiar players around the league who will be available in today's NHL expansion draft. The Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning will each select 21 players -- two goaltenders, seven defenseman and 12 forwards.

Washington Capitals

Goaltender: Steve Weeks

Defensemen: Bob Babcock, Shawn Chambers, Rod Langway, x-Ken Sabourin, x-Shawn Anderson, x-Chris Felix

Forwards: John Byce, Craig Duncanson, Jeff Greenlaw, Mark Hunter, Steve Seftel, Tim Taylor, Tim Bergland, x-John Purves, x-Mike Richard, x-Alfie Turcotte

' Buffalo Sabres

Goaltender: Clint Malarchuk

Defensemen: Grant Ledyard, Mike Ramsey, x-Bill Houlder

Forwards: Rick Vaive.

' Calgary Flames

Forwards: Carey Wilson

Chicago Blackhawks

Goaltender: Ray Leblanc

Forwards: Michel Goulet, Tony Horacek, Tony Hrkac

% Detroit Red Wings

Goaltender: Allan Bester

Forwards: Troy Crowder, Brian MacLellan

$ Hartford Whalers

Goaltenders: Mario Gosselin, Peter Sidorkiewicz

Forwards: Paul Cyr

% Los Angeles Kings

Goaltenders: Darryl Gilmour, Robb Stauber

Defensemen: Tim Watters

Forwards: Scott Bjugstad, Jay Miller, Dave Taylor, Jim Thomson

) Minnesota North Stars

Goaltender: Steve Guenette

Defensemen: Rob Ramage

Forwards: Neal Broten, Stewart Gavin, Basil McRae, Brian Propp, Bobby Smith, x-Alan Haworth

& Montreal Canadiens

Forwards: Sylvain Turgeon, x-Mats Naslund

New Jersey Devils

Defensemen: x-Viacheslav Fetisov, x-Jeff Sharples.

Forwards: Dave Barr, Laurie Boschman, Pat Conacher, x-Peter Stastny

& New York Islanders

Defensemen: Dean Chynoweth, x-Tom Kurvers.

Forwards: Brad Dalgarno, Graeme Townshend, Mike Vukota

$ New York Rangers

Defensemen: Normand Rochefort.

Forwards: Randy Gilhen, Tim Kerr, John Ogrodnick, x-Jan Erixon

' Philadelphia Flyers

Defensemen: Dave Fenyves, Moe Mantha

Pittsburgh Penguins

Goaltenders: Wendell Young

Defensemen: Gilbert Delorme, Bryan Fogarty, Grant Jennings, Peter Taglianetti

Forwards: x-Joe Mullen

$ Quebec Nordiques

Goaltender: Scott Gordon

Defensemen: Doug Crossman

Forwards: Gino Cavallini, Wayne Van Dorp

# St. Louis Blues

Forwards: Rich Sutter

Toronto Maple Leafs

Forwards: Mike Bullard, Mike Foligno, Kevin McClelland

Vancouver Canucks

Goaltender: Bob Mason

Forwards: Robin Bawa, Ryan Walter

! Winnipeg Jets

Goaltender: Daniel Berthiaume

Defensemen: Randy Carlyle, Kent Paynter, x-Roger Ohman.

Forwards: Rob Murray

(x-free agent)

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