Owners recapture fugitive wallaby


A wandering wallaby that escaped three weeks ago with a baby in its pouch was captured by her owners last night, a mile from her Queenstown home, in a trap baited with Happy Hopper wallaby chow and other goodies.

The 28-inch-tall wallaby named Kanga was quickly reunited with her mate, Roo. But she resisted his advances in seeming protectiveness for baby Joey, said Anita Jones, who, along with husband Philip, had bought the breeding pair of Australian marsupials for $3,300.

Minutes after being taken home by the Joneses May 24, Kanga found a tiny gap in her fenced pen and hopped off into the Eastern Shore sunset. Mrs. Jones said sightings since then had been reported as far as 30 miles away.

In recent days, sightings reported to Queen Anne's County Animal Control indicated Kanga was heading back, Mrs. Jones said.

The wallaby was caught in a baited "live trap" normally used by Animal Control to catch stray dogs, with Joey safe and sound. "I'm very, very stunned," Mrs. Jones said.

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