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Join Keyes campaignFrom: Douglas ArnoldPasadenaSince 1986, Barbara...


Join Keyes campaign

From: Douglas Arnold


Since 1986, Barbara Mikulski has represented Maryland in the U.S. Senate. As a member of the Democratic leadership, Ms. Mikulski has been a consistent supporter of bloated bureaucracy, a weak military, limitations on personal freedoms, and she has voted to continue deficit spending that will have to be paid for by generations to come.

Additionally, she proposed the formation of a Senate bank similar to the House bank that was a part of one of the worst scandals in American politics. Enough is enough. I have signed on to the Alan Keyes for U.S. Senate campaign because Alan Keyes is a man of integrity who will work to protect the American family from the intrusion of government.

Alan Keyes will work to cut government spending of money we don't have. Alan Keyes will work to cut the bloated bureaucracy and red tape that strangles the American family, entrepreneurial spirit and numerous small businesses.

On June 27, we will begin a Neighborhood Walking Campaign to take the campaign to the people of Anne Arundel County. This is how we will tell the people of our communities who Alan Keyes is, what he stands for and what his goals are for this nation.

If anyone would like to join me in this walking campaign or would like additional information, please call me at (410) 437-1933. Only with a grass-roots campaign will we defeat the special interest that supports the incumbent.

Only with a people-oriented campaign will we take real change to Washington, D.C. It is time we return politics to the people of Maryland.

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