Art Donovan shows up on Colts story



* Many of the target viewers of the Nickelodeon cable network for kids cannot even remember when there was a Baltimore Colts football team, let alone know the names of some of the greatest Colts of all.

Nevertheless, a Colt-blue angle arises tonight in "The Adventures of Pete & Pete," a regular youth comedy series (at 6 o'clock).

In an episode titled "Space, Geeks and Johnny Unitas," Pete (Danny Tamborelli) decides to write a school paper about his hero, Colts quarterback Unitas. Viewers will see footage of the Golden Arm's greatest moments.

But the Colt who actually makes a cameo appearance on the show, as an adult who ratifies Danny's enthusiasm for the team, is none other than former defensive lineman Art Donovan.

* Apparent Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton, who yesterday held forth before a studio audience and remote viewer linkup on "CBS This Morning," courts a younger audience tonight on cable's MTV network.

The Arkansas governor is scheduled to respond at 10 p.m. on the rock 'n' roll channel to questions from a group of 200 young people 18 to 24, with MTV news announcer Tabitha Soren and Catherine Crier of CNN moderating. The program is part of MTV's "Choose or Lose" campaign aimed at involving young viewers in the voting process.

* Vice President Dan Quayle, meanwhile, also appears for an hour on cable tonight as the scheduled guest on "Charlie Rose," the nightly talk show (at 11 o'clock) on The Learning Channel.

The topics? Among them his recent stance on "family values," of course, via his criticism of TV character "Murphy Brown" (Candice Bergen) for having a child out of wedlock.

Note: The Learning Channel can be seen in this area only by viewers of United Artists Cable systems in Baltimore City and Anne Arundel County and Mid-Atlantic Cable in Howard County.

* Speaking of the "Murphy Brown" flap, here's a cute coincidence:

WBAL-Channel 11's current community-based public service campaign, titled The Family Works, is running public service announcements stressing the importance of strong family ties. And guess who announced one that aired yesterday morning?

Actor Charles Kimbrough, who plays straight-laced Jim Dial on "Murphy Brown."

But no, says WBAL's Wanda Queen, the casting was not actually in response to the veep's family values slap at "Murphy," for the spot was taped in January.

* "Star Trek: The Next Generation" finishes its season tonight (at 8 o'clock, WBFF-Channel 45) with an intriguing cliff-hanging trip through time.

The Enterprise crew visits San Francisco to evaluate artifacts unearthed in 19th century ruins, and discovers among them the head of android Data (Brent Spinner).

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