Capital Gazette wins special Pulitzer Prize citation for coverage of newsroom shooting that killed five



Brazil was the promising scene

Of global concern for the green;

All nations but one

Know what must be done --

Bush's greens are still 1 to 18.

Both hope their ambitions will fly;

George might even venture to try

The leadership thing

While Ross would be king

Of the best country money can buy

He may feel at home on the range

And insist all he wants is a change

But chosen to fix

Perot's politics,

Aren't Ham and Ed bedfellows strange?

The Quayle bulb was turned up to dim,

The Quayle cup filled up to the brim

By the rousing report

That he had the support

Of Tiny (next on a stamp) Tim.

No electoral winner -- what then?

The House chooses one of three men;

If it isn't George B.,

Quite possibly he

Will reach for his old veto pen.

Though DC insiders have clout,

They're what this year's votes are about:

How best to begin

Getting outsiders in

And how to turn insiders out.

So congressmen wouldn't be fried

If nuclear war should betide,

Deep down they could hunker

In Greenbrier's bunker;

From voters there's no place to hide.

Let's hope we can somehow derail

Privatizing on Bushian scale;

Otherwise me may get,

To pay off his debt,

A whole bleeping country for sale.

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