Can't find a job? Learn more for free


A lot of colleges boast about placing their graduates in jobs. But Baltimore City Community College is now guaranteeing a job for its alumni -- or the school will take them back for more learning.

Under a new program, BCCC will give students 12 semester hours of free classes in their field if they can't find a job within 90 days of graduation.

Likewise, an employer who is dissatisfied with a new BCCC graduate could send the employee back for 12 more credits, again at no cost to the student or employer.

"What we are going to do is put our money where our mouth is," said the college's interim president, James D. Tschechtelin.

The offer applies to the 319 people who graduated June 6 with associate of arts degrees in fields ranging from nursing to computers.

The program will give the college a barometer on the effectiveness of its offerings, Mr. Tschechtelin said.

Students who return for more schooling can opt either for more instruction in their field or help in job-search skills, such as interview preparation.

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