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Learning about paper collectiblesIf you have a...


Learning about paper collectibles

If you have a passion for paper, there are countless old, odd, interesting, intriguing, amusing and even confusing categories for memorabilia made from labels to letterheads to lottery tickets to hunting and fishing licenses.

To learn more about such collectibles, there are various publications and organizations. Try a monthly magazine called the Paper Collectors' Marketplace, available for $17.95 a year or $3 a single issue from 470 Main St., P.O. Box 128, Scandinavia, Wis. 54977. The 96-page June issue of PCM contains extensive articles on Abbott and Costello movie posters as well as information on 1933-'34 Chicago World's Fair postcards.

Of special interest are old prints, pictures, magazines, magazine ads, girlie pinup art by Alberto Vargas and George Petty, and posters ranging from movie advertisements to Russian propaganda. Contact Ken Kapson Antiques, P.O. Box 14803, Chicago, Ill. 60614.

Finding the perfect frame for your prized photograph is never easy. When the subject of the photo is special, you want your frame to be special, too.

A new release by the American School of Needlework guides you every step of the way to creating beautiful frames that will be keepsakes in themselves. "Beginner's Guide to Fabric Frames" features unique shapes and a variety of techniques that enable you to make frames from the very feminine to the most masculine.

Fabric selection is a particularly helpful section of "Beginner' Guide to Fabric Frames." Pointers for weave, scale of the print, color contrasting and types of fabric finishes are all included. Special tips and applications also are given for cotton, moire, lace and suede.

If "Beginner's Guide to Fabric Frames" isn't available at a craft shop in your area, you can order it directly from the American School of Needlework. The cost is $4.95, plus postage and handling charges and sales tax in some areas. For additional ordering information, write to ASN Publishing, 1455 Linda Vista Drive, San Marcos, Calif. 92069.

Whether it's acquired by gardening in the back yard, sitting by the pool or swimming at the beach, excess sun exposure is always a matter for concern.

The Sun Tan Monitor may ease some of that worry by determining how much sun protection is needed: You simply point the monitor at the rays of sun, and within moments, SPF numbers will appear for fair, medium and dark skin types.

The number shown will be the recommended SPF sun screen fo one hour of safe sun exposure. For two hours, the SPF should be doubled, and so forth.

The device can be ordered for $9.95 from Touch Technology in New York. Information: (212) 594-1098.

@ Tomlinson's Craft Collection packed its bags last month and moved from its intimate Charles Street location to the new

office-movie house-retail store conglomerate, Towson Commons.

Owner Ginny Tomlinson says she seized the opportunity to move her business from its downtown location of more than a decade to the new shopping center at York and Pennsylvania roads so she could have more space and more parking for her customers.

Tomlinson's continues to offer American crafts such as jewelry, handcrafted pottery and blown glass. The new store will offer more framed art prints than the old one because it has more walls, Ms. Tomlinson says.

Today from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Tomlinson's will host an open house for sculptor Tom Kloss and his hand-painted birds.

J.L. K. It all began with three rosebushes received as a housewarming gift. From then on, Judith Maas Reingold's love of roses multiplied with the addition of every bush she planted. To preserve their fragrance, she began saving the petals to make potpourri and sachets for herself and friends.

Her book,"The Gifted Rose:The Pleasures of Creating and the Joy of Giving Rose-Scented Gifts" (William Morrow and Co., $14), is the culmination of the recipes she concocted as a self-proclaimed "rosarian."

Find out how to make a Rose Garden Milk Basket or Rosy Posy Napkin Ties,or how to scent your linens and stationery. Beautifully illustrated by Catherine Rose Crowther, the book also offers ways of presenting rose items as a gifts.

The book can be found locally at such book stores as Crown Books.


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