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Duckpin doubles title goes to Williamsport-Jefferson duo Pin fall of 1,084 wins team its third tournament crown


Paul Kirby of Williamsport and Paul Barker of Jefferson teamed to win the top prize of $500 last month in the duckpin doubles tournament at Thunderhead Lanes in Taneytown with a total pin fall of 1,084.

Doreen Blizzard and Ruth Stultz were close behind in second with 1,060, and the third-place finishers, Mike Showe and Hope Anglesberger, dropped 1,036 pins.

Dave Noyes kept right on cashing in. He threw the high game of 204 and the high scratch set of 528 in a tournament that drew 108 entries.

Kirby and Barker will keep right on bowling doubles. They make a great team.

"I met Paul [Kirby] at Hagerstown, and we started bowling doubles together," Barker said. "So far, we've won three doubles tournaments in three different centers -- Thurmont, Taneytown and Frederick."

Barker bowls in the Wednesday Majors and the Friday Night leagues at Village Lanes in Frederick and carried a 143 average with a high game of 234 and a high set of 582. The figures are impressive. The mail clerk for the National Geographic Society is married to Shirley Barker and started bowling about 21 years ago.

Kirby, who works for Cole's, a Frederick pawnbroker, bowled in Frederick with Barker and in a league at Southside Lanes in Hagerstown last season. He carries a 129 average, with a high game of 201 and a high set of 475.

"I started bowling ducks about four years ago after I had laid off the game for eight years," Kirby said. "I like duckpin bowling much better than tenpins."


Abey Abend, husband of Jody Abend, who works at Thunderhead Lanes in Westminster, bowls both duckpins and tenpins, and does very well at both games.

Abey carries a duckpin average of more than 130 and a tenpin average of more than 190. Just last December, Abey, with his partner Dennis Frock, took third place in Taneytown in a duckpin doubles tournament. On May 31, Abey threw a scratch total of 742 in the tenpin singles tournament at Taneytown that was good for first place and a $500 payoff.

"He's been averaging over 200 in Taneytown," Jody said. "I guess he just likes that house."

Jody Abend wants to remind everyone "that there are lots of spots still open in all the summer leagues, even room for a complete league if you have one ready."


There's room for more duckpin bowlers in the summer leagues at Mount Airy Lanes. If you feel your game is not up to par, Joe Rineer, by popular demand, has started his summer instructional league again.

This is the deal: It's an 11-week course, with bowling at 9:30 a.m. every Tuesday. Cost is $7 per week, and at the completion of the course each bowler receives either a pair of bowling shoes or a

set of duckpin balls. Call Rineer at 795-9181.

Shelby Ewing, who works at her brother's pro shop (Ed's Reisterstown Pro Shop) in Baltimore County when she isn't employed as an office manager at Triple E Enterprises, put into practice what she learned from Ed about tenpin bowling.

Shelby, wife of Robert Spangenthal and mother of Arthur, 7, bowls in the Thursday Guys and Gals League at Bowl America Reisterstown and in the Wednesday Night Ladies at Hampstead. The 167-average bowler has a high game of 269 and a high set of 655.

And she picks her spots. That 655 was shot in the Colorama event at Hampstead Bowling Center a few weeks ago, with games of 228, 240 and 187.

"I was thrilled to shoot that big set," Ewing said. "But now I'm looking for that 700 series."


Through June 28: Clear Skies Duckpin Doubles Tournament at Thunderhead Lanes in Taneytown; first prize is $400. (410) 751-1750

Through Aug. 22: 3rd Annual Country Club Classic at Country Club Lanes in Baltimore; three handicap divisions; first place is a guaranteed $4,000, plus a special event each week with extra prize money and Hammer bowling balls. (410) 686-2556

Through Aug. 23: County Lanes tenpin tournament; starting times are 6, 8 and 10 p.m. Friday, Saturday and Sunday; ABC/WIBC rules. (410) 857-1977 or 876-8430

July 3-31: Adult Low Scoring Bowling Tournament at Hampstead Lanes. (410) 374-6211

Aug. 7, 14, 21, 28: Adult Nine-Or-Better-Across-The-Lanes (tenpin) or Seven-Or-Better-Across-The-Lanes (duckpin) tournaments at Hampstead Lanes. (410) 374-6211

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