Little Bold John, 10, returns to Pimlico


Little Bold John, one of the richest Maryland-breds in history, returns to racing as a 10-year-old in today's eighth race at Pimlico.

But don't count on him to win.

"I'm not expecting a whole lot from him," said his owner-trainer Jerry Robb. "I've been careful and have been babying him since I made the decision to bring him back. Today's race will be over before he kicks into gear. It's a tough race, but the easiest I could find without running him for a claiming tag, which I don't want to do. I'm racing him into shape. I just hope he gets something out of the race and comes back sound."

Little Bold John pulled a suspensory ligament in a hind leg after a winning race at Laurel last summer.

Robb thought he would retire the horse.

"But he was miserable on the farm," he said. "I brought him back to the track, thinking that I could always make him into a lead pony if he doesn't stay sound."

Little Bold John has won 35 of 96 career starts and has earned $1,909,341.

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