THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

From The Sun May 31-June 6, 1842MAY...


From The Sun May 31-June 6, 1842

MAY 31: Advice to Parents -- As this is the season for summer complaint and worms, you should be extremely careful, of your children, and as soon as you perceive the first symptoms approaching, administer some of Sherman's celebrated lozenges to them.

JUNE 2: Some citizens residing in the vicinity of Baltimore and Spring Streets desire us to call the attention of the proper authorities to the annoyance they experience from assemblages of impudent and lawless boys in that quarter.

From The Sun May 31-June 6, 1892

MAY 31: Yesterday was devoted generally by our people to honoring the memory of veterans of the Civil War of 1861-1865. The weather being fair, there was a large turnout in Baltimore of people bent upon the decoration of the graves of soldiers.

JUNE 1: The Orioles introduced a pleasant innovation into the programme of defeat they have been adhering to strictly of late by winning a game at Union Park yesterday.

From The Sun May 31-June 6, 1942

JUNE 2: The Duchess of Windsor will arrive sometime this afternoon from Washington to spend "a day or two" as the guest of her uncle, Gen. Henry M. Warfield, at his home, "Salona Farm," near Timonium, Baltimore County.

JUNE 3: Only half as much bottled beer will be produced in Baltimore this month as was produced last month, because of curtailed production of steel bottle caps. The "growler" and the glass of draught beer are due for a definite revival.

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