English hobby horse jumps in value


Q: I would like some information about the value and date of my hobby horse. It is marked "Mobo Bronco."

It measures 30 1/2 inches tall and 27 inches long. When jumping, the legs move and it rolls on wooden wheels. The horse is all metal.

A: This was made in England in the mid-20th century. It would probably sell for $225 to $235 in good condition.

Q: The attached mark is on the bottom of an art deco-type figure of a man with a woman embracing.The height is about 8 inches.

I would like to know who made this, its vintage and value.

A: This mark was used by the Kalk manufacturing company in Eisenberg, Germany, from the turn of the century to about 1970. Your figurine was probably made about 1930 and might sell for

$265 to $285.


The Mission Oak furniture that is so closely related to the work of Gustav Stickley originated in the Arts and Crafts movement in England. Mr. Stickley was so impressed that in 1888 he started a factory in Eastwood, N.Y. He called his work "Craftsman Furniture" and signed each piece with his registered mark.

Mr. McCollam is a member of the Antique Appraisers Association of America.

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