Charles Village walk will feature gardens with creative approach


Creative approaches to urban landscaping is the theme for the 10th annual Charles Village Garden Walk next Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Among gardens that will be on view is that of Mike Simon and Fran Pluciennik, who combined their garden space with next door neighbors' some time ago. Today the garden they share with Meg and Richard Chisolm has three ponds, an arbor, a hot tub and a small statue of Buddha, among other things.

"It's pretty much low-maintenance," says Mr. Pluciennik: "No lawn, just ground covers and trees." The trees, however, include a dwarf apple and a dwarf pear, both of which bear fruit. The arbor is shared by a grapevine, a trumpet vine and a wisteria. The gardeners hope the kiwi vine, which has just begun to blossom, will still be blooming for the tour.

Tickets are $3.50 ($2.50 for senior citizens); they can be purchased in the 300 block of East 32nd Street, where the tour begins.

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