Young bowlers shine in Stars of the Year Tournament highlights winter champions


HAMPSTEAD -- It was a Sunday morning at Hampstead Bowling Center, and the house was filled with youth bowlers and their family and friends.

"This is the first annual Stars of the Year tournament," said Ginny Blackowicz, marketing director at the center. "All of these youngsters are already champions. Each has been a Star of the Month for the winter season."

The young bowlers are divided into duckpin and tenpin groups and by age: Pee Wees, Bantams, Preps and Majors.

Here are the results of the first Star of the Year Tournament:

Tenpin major: 1. Daniel Cunningham, 2. Bob Peccatiello, 3. Mike Smith

Tenpin prep: 1. David Ballard, 2. Jason Lynn, 3. Adam Rosenburger

Duckpin pee wee: 1. Ryan McComas, 2. Sha Rita King, 3. Jennifer Gleason

Duckpin bantam: 1. Catie Hall, 2. Sara Snyder, 3. Tammy Behagan

Duckpin prep: 1. Kacey Clayton, 2. Nicole Richelderfer, 3. Tara Hayes

Duckpin major: 1. Ryan Smith, 2. Mike McComas, 3. Dave Richardson

Here is a quick look at each of these top bowlers:

* Daniel Cunningham, 14, lives in Manchester with his parents, Ron and Marie Cunningham, and carries a 151 average with his 14-pound Rhino. He was 151 pins over average to earn his title.

"My star bowler," Blackowicz said. "A future PBA member. He's good, and he knows the game; plus, his parents are very supportive."

* Bob Peccatiello, 14, lives in Hampstead with his parents, Ken and Susan Peccatiello, and carries a 113 average.

"The parents are a great help," Blackowicz said. "The kids never miss a tournament or a league session."

* Mike Smith, 14, lives in Hampstead with his parents, Bob and Judy Smith, and attends North Carroll High. His average is 87.

"This is his very first year of bowling," Blackowicz said. "He's come a long way since September."

* David Ballard, 12, lives in Manchester with his mother, Arlene Sank, attends North Carroll Middle and was 121 pins over his average to capture the first-place trophy.

"This is a great kid, who loves bowling," Blackowicz said.

* Jason Lynn, 12, attends North Carroll Middle and lives in Manchester with his parents, Kevin Lynn and Kim McIvor. He carries a 96 average and throws a 12-pound Brunswick ball.

* Adam Rosenburger, 12, lives in Hampstead and has a 113 average, with a high game of 166 and a high set of 422.

* Ryan McComas, 5, is in his first year of bowling. He lives in Manchester with his parents, Carolyn and Dennis McComas, and his older brother, Mike, who bowls in the major division. His 29-pins over average earned him the first-place trophy.

* Sha Rita King, 4, a Manchester resident, is the daughter of Frank and Roberta King and started bowling last year. Her mother, by the way, teaches karate classes at North Carroll High.

* Jennifer Gleason, who will be 5 in June, has a 70 average and lives in Hampstead with her parents, Michael and Angela Gleason.

* Catie Hall, 7, is in the second grade at Manchester Elementary and is the daughter of Joseph and Harriet Hall. Catie's total was 77 pins over average.

"Her first game in the tournament was the highest she's ever thrown," Joseph Hall said. "It was a 103 game."

* Sara Snyder, 9, captured second with 67 pins over average. She lives in Upperco and attends Spring Garden Elementary.

* Tammy Behagan, 9, daughter of Monica and Robert Behagan of Hampstead, is in the third grade at Spring Garden. Tammy, who's bowled since she was 3, celebrated her birthday Thursday.

* Kacey Clayton, 12, a sixth- grader at North Carroll Middle, averages 80 and lives in Hampstead with her parents, Susan and Jim Clayton.

"I asked Kacey to get me one of the bumper stickers that identify the car as belonging to a parent of an honor student," Susan said. "And that's what she did this year, made the honor roll."

* Nicole Richelderfer captured second place in the preps division with 56 pins over average.

* Tara Hayes rolled a total of 43 pins over average to earn the third-place trophy.

* Ryan Smith took first in the major division with 65 pins aver average.

* Mike McComas, a sixth-grader at North Carroll Middle, is Ryan's older brother. Mike, 12, has been bowling for four years and averages 101.

* Dave Richardson, 16, attends Westminster High, lives in Finksburg with parents, Linda and Gene Richardson, and will travel to Connecticut for a national tournament in July. Dave, who works at Cal Bitners', took first in Connecticut last year in the junior division. Dave, who's been bowling since he was 4, carries a 124 average.


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