Parents bewareFrom: Tina PerkinsCarroll CountyPrevention CoordinatorJunction Inc.Joanne...


Parents beware

From: Tina Perkins

Carroll County

Prevention Coordinator

Junction Inc.

Joanne M. Hayes

Substance Abuse Prevention

Carroll County

Public Schools

As the end of the school year approaches, your child will be going through one of the most important times of his or her life.

Graduation from high school is a major milestone in the lives of our young people, but too often teens believe this rite of passage includes partying with drinking and risk-taking.

Students in Carroll schools have been taught the best choice regarding premarital sex is abstinence. This message is conveyed through required programs in Family Life and Human Development and AIDS education.

Likewise, students have been subject to strong disciplinary policies and administrative procedures regarding the use and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

We know from experience, however, that without thought of consequences, alcohol and other drugs are used as a major part of the celebration that takes place during "Senior Week" at Ocean City or other graduation celebrations at home.

The use of alcohol lowers inhibitions, impairs judgment and harms coordination skills, which heightens the chance of accidents, high-risk sexual behaviors and legal problems.

As the parent of a graduating senior this year, please be aware that your child may be exposed to potentially risky situations. Talk to your child about how he or she might appropriately handle these situations.

If your son or daughter will be celebrating in Ocean City, check out the place where he or she will be staying by contacting the owner or landlord. Ask your child to stay in contact with you during the week and remind your son or daughter of his or her responsibility regarding the care of the rental property.

Be aware of the resources that are available to your child while in Ocean City. The "Play it Safe" booklet that will be distributed to seniors throughout the state contains important emergency information, as well as coupons and ideas for many fun things to do.

The Parent Network is a program of community volunteers in Ocean City who are interested in the safety of youths visiting the resort. You may call this network 24 hours a day at (301) 723-3700 if you have any concerns about your child or need other information.

We are interested in your child's health and safety, as you are. Help your child continue to succeed.

Memorial was success

From: Paul Smith

Memorial Committee Chair

American Legion Post 31

Carroll Post No. 31 American Legion can report a most meaningful 125th observance of Memorial Day.

The success resulted from the publicity by media, contributions of musicians, service clubs, Scouts of all ages, various veterans' organizations, civic and fraternal groups, plus the talented singers.

Happily, the events were videotaped by the dedicated volunteers of Community Access TV Channel 55 at both the parade and formal exercises at the "mound."

Monday was a demonstration of how and why Westminster can function as a unique community.

Thanks for success

From: James Bosley

Rotary Club of Hampstead

The Rotary Club of Hampstead would like to thank everyone who participated in the 19th annual Hampstead Day.

This event could not continue to be the overwhelming success that it is year after year if it were not for the cooperation and contribution of each citizen in the town of Hampstead.

The winners of the Rotary Club Hampstead Day 50/50 raffle were: Joe Sordillo of Hampstead, first place; John Knott of Westminster, second place; and Gordon Harden Jr. of Owings Mills, third place.

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