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Judge to hear motions in Cartnail murder trial


WESTMINSTER -- A Circuit Court judge is scheduled to hear motions tomorrow on evidence to be used in the trial of a 19-year-old Eldersburg man who has been behind bars for two months awaiting trial on attempted murder and drug charges.

Gordon L. Cartnail has been jailed at the Carroll County Detention Center. He faces a life term in state prison.

Cartnail faces more than 14 charges, including attempted murder and numerous drug offenses in connection with a December drive-by shooting.

While out on bail in that case, he was arrested and charged with drug possession and distribution charges in March. Those charges will be heard later.

A bond of $15,000 was set for the second set of charges, but Cartnail was unable to pay the $1,500 necessary to secure it.

Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr. revoked bail altogether after an alleged conversation between Cartnail and a member of the county's Narcotics Task Force who was serving him with a grand jury indictment.

The conversation centered on Cartnail's talk of fleeing the state and using a gun if anyone tried to rearrest him, court records show.

Cartnail tried to convince Beck the exchange was made in jest. But an assistant state's attorney portrayed the conversation as a serious desire to leave town, change appearance and resist arrest.

Cartnail's attorney, the county Public Defender's Office, has filed a motion to dismiss the attempted-murder charge, principally because Cartnail has no access to testimony of witnesses in front of the grand jury that issued the indictments. Such motions are routinely rejected by judges.

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