A closer look at Perot and Clinton


You could title this one "Dueling Political Duos." At the same hour tonight on television, you can choose between watching apparent Democratic presidential nominee Bill Clinton and his wife, Hillary, and potential independent candidate Ross Perot and his seldom seen spouse, Margot.

The Clintons are scheduled to be "Talking With David Frost" at 10 p.m. on Maryland Public Television (also airing at 9 p.m. on Washington's WETA-Channel 26). Advance information lists "the Ross Perot factor" as a topic.

And the Perots are Barbara Walters' grillees on ABC's "20/20," at 10 on WJZ-Channel 13. Mrs. Perot has never before been interviewed for TV, and the taping took place Monday at the Perot home in Dallas.

We all probably know more about the Clinton marriage than we need to, from the pair's celebrated appearance in January on "60 Minutes." But few voters know much about Mrs. Perot, the

millionaire's wife of 35 years and a former school teacher.

The Walters profile of the couple includes a tour of Texarkana, Texas, where Perot was born in 1930 and landed his first job as a newspaper delivery boy.

Presumed candidate Perot is also scheduled to talk with host Jesse Jackson on the CNN series "Both Sides," at 9 p.m. Saturday.


Elsewhere on The Weekend Watch:

THE MARRIAGE EQUATION -- WBAL-Channel 11's ongoing The Family Works project continues in two parts this weekend.

At 8 tonight, Christopher Reeve stars in "Last Ferry Home" as a struggling architect who faces a family survival crisis.

And at 8 p.m. tomorrow, "Rites of Passage: Marriage" is a half-hour special about one couple's struggles with age and nationality conflicts.

AN ENGLISH TREAT -- Treat yourself Saturday to "Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit." It's a quirky but thoroughly charming coming-of-age story (at 8 p.m. on cable's A&E; network) about a young redheaded girl growing up in a loony family, headed by a mother who is a religious evangelist.

BEST OF SHOW -- And don't forget "The 46th Annual Tony Awards," airing Sunday on CBS (at 9 p.m., Channel 11).

Actress Glenn Close takes over from Angela Lansbury, host for the past three years, as the stage community honors its best. Leading the nominees are "Jelly's Last Jam," up for 11 awards, and "Crazy For You," nominated in nine categories.

Close, by the way, is herself a Tony winner (in 1984 for "The Real Thing"), and is also a nominee this year, for her starring role in Ariel Dorfman's "Death and the Maiden."

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