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Five-year plan details rehab of public housing


Annapolis housing officials have compiled a $19.3 million wish list to spruce up the city's 10 public housing complexes.

The Annapolis Housing Authority is completing a five-year plan to replace roofs and old utilities, correct flooding problems, landscape the apartment complexes and blitz dim hallways with fresh paint.

Although the agency is requesting $19.3 million, housing officials said they expect to receive only about $1.8 million in each of the next five years. The agency already has been given a $3 million grant by the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development to renovate Harbour House, the city's largest public housing development, built in the 1950s.

Many of the housing complexes have received only routine maintenance over the years, said Harold Greene, the agency's executive director.

Renovations are critical, he said, because the federal government is spending little on new construction, and the need for subsidized housing continues to grow in the wake of the recession. More than 700 families in Annapolis are waiting to get into one of the 1,104 public housing units.

HUD is requiring every agency to prepare a long-range modernization plan by June 15, mapping out necessary maintenance projects and improvements. The benefit to the new system is that agencies will know in advance the amount of money they will receive, instead of submitting individual projects and waiting for an answer, Greene said.

TC Maintenance engineers surveyed the 10 public housing complexes and residents gave suggestions for the five-year plan, Greene said.

"Tenants will see a marked change in their environment," he said. "The whole living environment is going to be upgraded significantly."

Major projects in the coming years include:

* Finishing an overhaul of the 273 apartments at Harbour House with a complete interior renovation, from new kitchens to tiled bathrooms.

* Refurbishing the 100 units at Annapolis Gardens with $2 million between 1993 and 1996. During the same time, 84 apartments at Eastport Terrace will be modernized with $2.7 million.

* Improvements worth $5 million to College Creek Terrace, $1.6 million to Obery Court, $1.7 million to Bowman Court, $643,000 to Robinwood, $534,000 to Glenwood, $364,000 to Bloomsbury Square, and $330,000 to Newtowne20.

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