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$15 MILLION TO BE SHARED Two winning tickets were bought in Montgomery, Baltimore counties.


The $15 million Maryland Lotto prize will be split two ways.

One winning ticket was bought in Baltimore County, the other in Montgomery County, state lottery officials said.

Holders of the two winning tickets, who will receive $375,000 each year before taxes for 20 years, have not been identified, said spokeswoman Elyn Garrett.

The lucky ticket holders will have to give at least some of the credit for their win to the lottery computer, which selected the numbers. The winning numbers were: 1-6-13-38-40-48.

The holders must claim the prizes within 180 days from yesterday's date, but Ms. Garrett said winners don't usually take that long. Most are in the lottery office the next day to verify their winning tickets.

A few people have set aside tickets, not looking at them for several days, she said. "It's usually been as soon as they find out, they're in here," she said.

There was one unlucky winner in last year, however, who never claimed a $1 million jackpot, Ms. Garrett said.

Last night's $15 million jackpot matched the second largest in Maryland Lotto history. A $15 million jackpot was hit in the Lotto's 15th anniversary drawing in May 1988.

The biggest Lotto jackpot was a $21 million prize last August, which was won by Lothian resident David K. Moreland.

In addition to the two big winners, 133 people matched five of the numbers and will receive $1,210 each. An additional 7,030 people matched four numbers and will receive $39.

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