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Shortened term soughtWESTMINSTER -- A 23-year-old city...


Shortened term sought

WESTMINSTER -- A 23-year-old city man sentenced to two years in jail for a July 1991 sexual assault of a Main Street woman is asking to have his sentence reduced today.

Richard Alan Pyles Jr., also of East Main Street, was charged with first-degree rape, fourth-degree sexual assault, breaking and entering, and assault and battery in the attack at 5:24 p.m. July 10.

Prosecutors dropped the first-degree rape charge at Pyles' Jan. 22 trial. Pyles pleaded not guilty to the remaining charges, but agreed to have only the state's version of events read into evidence. Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck Sr. found him guilty on the remaining charges and sentenced him to a year in the county Detention Center for the fourth-degree sexual assault conviction, as well as six months on the remaining counts.

Police said the 48-year-old victim, whose name is being withheld, told them that a man knocked at her door, pushed his way in and then took her to the bedroom, where he forced her to have intercourse.

Pyles is asking for a reduction in the sentence. In a letter to his public defender, his girlfriend said the man "has changed a great deal since he has been in jail." She also said that she and Pyles are planning to marry, and that their son "calls for his daddy" every day.

An earlier request for a reduced sentence was rejected by Beck in March.

Hunter wants license


WESTMINSTER -- A long-time county hunter who lost his $800 rifle and his hunting license and was jailed for 30 days for spotlighting and hunting deer out of season will ask to have his sentence modified today.

James Demitri, 52, was sentenced March 30 to serve six months in jail, with all but 30 days suspended, and was ordered to undergo two years of supervised probation and was fined $500.

Circuit Judge Raymond E. Beck berated Demitri in court, calling him "the worst kind of hunter."

Demitri's jail time is over. His attorneys are to ask Beck today to reconsider revocation of the license and confiscation of the gun.

Deportation set for today


BALTIMORE -- Henry Hernandez, one of three Carroll County residents charged under the state's drug kingpin laws who cut a deal with the State's Attorney's Office, is expected to have a deportation hearing in Immigration Court here today.

In exchange for information into the workings of the Carroll County cocaine trade, Hernandez was allowed to remain out of jail.

Hernandez was indicted in January on drug kingpin charges, which were dropped after he entered into the plea agreement. He pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges, for which Circuit Judge Luke K. Burns Jr. gave him a 10-year suspended sentence Feb. 20.

Two weeks later, federal immigration officers arrested him at a Carroll County home. For a legal registered alien, a drug &L; conviction is grounds for deportation.

He is being held at the Wicomico County Detention Center on $25,000 bond. At his first deportation hearing last month, Federal Immigration Judge John F. Gossart agreed to postone the matter for two weeks after learning that Hernandez cooperated with prosecutors and drug officials.

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