50 Years Ago (week of May 24-30,...


50 Years Ago (week of May 24-30, 1942):

* The following statement was issued this week by Thomas E. Brian, chairman of the Howard County Rationing Board: "In order to establish proper eligibility, the Rationing Board of Howard County desires that those who apply for [the purchase of] tires should accompany their application with a letter from their employer or plant superintendent, stating how valuable their services are to the prosecution of the war."

* A 10-cent increase in the Howard County real estate tax rate was announced this week. The raise was needed primarily because of an increase in the school budget, which was caused in turn by a proposed bonus of $100 for each public school teacher. The county commissioners had been asked to give teachers a $200 bonus, but reduced the amount to $100 in deference to farmers, who paid a large percentage of the county's real estate taxes. (The tax rate at that time was $1.40 per $100 of assessed value.)

25 Years Ago (week of May 21-27, 1967):

* The development of the Chatham area of Route 40 in Ellicott City was causing increasing storm water runoff problems for residents of the nearby Valley Mede development, which was downstream from the area being developed. The developer, Richard Awalt, agreed to pay 5 percent of the estimated cost of storm drainage for Valley Mede. The balance of the expense would be paid by the county.

* The Howard County Teachers Association (HCTA) met in a special session to protest $375,000 worth of school budget cuts proposed by the County Commissioners. The teachers stated that if the cuts were made, they would immediately cease participation in extracurricular activities that take place outside school hours, including interscholastic and intramural sports, the PSTA and field trips. HCTA's statement on the budget cuts stated that the group was "outraged" by the proposed cuts and that any cut would be a "setback for education in Howard County."

Information for this column was culled from the Howard County Historical Society's library.

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