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Liquor sting applaudedFrom: Duane Coppeler andTim Wist,...


Liquor sting applauded

From: Duane Coppeler and

Tim Wist, owners of

Tully's Restaurant


We read with great interest the column by Sharon Hornberger regarding the sting operations performed by the county Liquor Board and the state police.

Yes, there were eight establishments that made mistakes and failed the test about serving minors. But what about those businesses that passed?

Where were those names?

We applaud the necessary nuisance, as it is called, and hope that these operations continue. Every business selling alcohol has probably been reported to the board at one time or another for selling, or presumably selling, to minors.

, We are not so naive to think

that minors are always turned away when presenting identification; nor are they always carded by all of us. Why, though, do we constantly hear that certain establishments continually serve or sell to minors but are never cited? Also, where is the responsibility of the minors and their parents?

Responsible businesses selling alcohol are forever checking for proper identification and will continue to turn away minors or refuse to sell to them. However, we also have to contend with the verbal abuse heaped on us when we do the right thing.

Are you also aware that a minor can take the birth certificate of someone over 21 with them to the Department of Motor Vehicles, where they can obtain a new driver's license with their own picture on it? This makes it virtually impossible to detect unless the per

son checking the ID knows the person whose name is on it.

Maybe a signature on file with the MVA or a complete retesting of the driver's license is in order.

Who's doing what?

From: Charles R. Levy

Mount Airy

Reference is made to the article by Kerry O'Rourke titled "Mount Airy close to pact with Frederick Cable firm" [May 6].

The article states that Prestige was required to wire all of Carroll County. This is not so, and my area will attest to this incorrect statement.

Living on the county line of Frederick and Carroll (Buffalo Road divided in the middle of the road), we have been hoping for cable, yet Prestige states there aren't enough houses per square mile t

wire us, yet Frederick Cablevision states it would like to wire us as most of the poles are on the Carroll County side.

Frederick Cablevision further states that our Carroll County bureaucrats won't let Frederick Cablevision wire us, even though Prestige's comment is "we don't foresee wiring your area in the foreseeable future.

Yet our county bureaucrats still look for our tax money for almost nothing in return, as we are at the end of the line.

Perhaps this area would make a good feature article for Prestige Cable vs. Frederick Cablevision vs. the so-called franchise that Prestige was to wire the entire county.

OC I think also our county representatives have forgotten us, too.

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