All World Racing series cards offer IndyCar fans all but A.J. Foyt


IndyCar fans have a card set, too.

This is the second year AW Sports has produced an IndyCar series, and this year's edition is a big improvement over last year's. The card stock is better, and the cards are a lot better looking.

The 100-card All World Racing set features drivers of the past and present -- but no A.J. Foyt. According to Bill Doak of AW, Foyt is not part of the Championship Drivers Association, which grants licenses.

"A.J. cuts his own merchandising deals," says Doak. "He's the only racer who declined to be in the set."

Statistics are well-handled on the attractive card backs. No helmets allowed on card-front photos, so all the drivers have recognizable faces. Backs get the helmets, cars and cockpits. Some have off-beat candid shots, such as Mario Andretti holding a koala.

Most veteran drivers are on two cards. The regular cards recap the drivers' 1991 campaign and list cars, engines, PPG points and final standing. The 30 career cards outline the drivers' careers -- (first race, career starts, victories, top five and top 10 finishes and first victory or best finish). Many of the card-back photos show car and driver.

With a nod to the past, there is a 10-card subset of IndyCar legends (their Indy 500 careers are outlined on the back) and a five-card "Where are they now?" subset. There are two cards featuring the Andretti family and one with Gen. Norman F. Schwarzkopf.

Cards will be available in sets and foil packs of nine as well as a French version.


Ripken checklist: Bill Haelig has been ferreting out all manner of Ripkeniana and has compiled the latest edition of his Ripken family checklist. The list covers 27 pages, 21 1/2 of which are devoted to Cal Ripken. Collectors can receive it by sending eight 29-cent stamps to Haelig at 735 Tamarack Trail, Reading, Pa. 19607-3104.


All-Star subset: NBA Hoops is honoring the past six MVPs of the NBA All-Star Game in a subset available only in rack packs of Series II. On the front is a photo of the player accepting his trophy; the back has an action shot.


Rookie Sensations offer: For 10 Fleer baseball wrappers and $1, collectors can get a Rookie Sensations promo sheet showing 10 cards of the popular subset on each side. Fleer is producing 250,000 sheets. The offer expires July 31. Mail to: Fleer Rookie Sensations, P.O. Box 1845, Church Hill, Md. 21690.

You can join: Star Pics is offering its fans a chance to get sample strips and other limited production items with its First Pics Club. Members will also receive a newsletter six times a year and opportunities to purchase autographed items and Star Pics products not available elsewhere. Collectors can write: The First Pics Club, P.O. Box 2573, Drawer P, Farmington Hills, Mich. 48333-2573. Memberships cost $39.95, and early birds will receive a $10 discount.


Dodger Stadium hologram: Dodger Stadium's 30th anniversary gets special treatment from SilverStar Baseball Holograms, which has produced 100,000 holograms which show the stadium in 3-D. It comes in a protective holder.


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