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The 12 candiates competing for two open seats on the county Board of Education were given a survey to fill out by the county's Permanent Nominating Caucus, which recommends to the governor its top candidate and runner-up for each seat.

The candidates were asked five questions, including what three improvements they would make to the public school system.

Caucus members used the survey and their impressions of the candidates froma public forum Thursday night to decide which candidates to recommend for appointments to Gov. William Donald Schaefer. Their recommendations have no binding authority.

Seven candidates filled for the Edgewood/Abingdon region seat and four for the North County seat. One candidate filed at-large and could have appointed to either seat.

The questionnaire reponses from the candidates about what changes they think are needed in the school system are summarized below, as well as some background information on each candidate.


Lawrence Battaglia

Age: 73

Residence: Edgewood

L Occupation: Retired product quality manager, U.S. government

Community service: Vice president, Century Edgewood Lions Club

Improvement suggestions:

* Better training in industrial and trade skills.

* State-of-the-art laboratories and classrooms to provide computer, mathematical and science skills.

* Science and mathematical teachers must update their education, perhaps through paid sabbaticals to attend advanced seminars or courses and to count work in "state-of-the-art" industries toward acceptable training.

Thomas D. Hess

Age: 45

Residence: Abingdon

Occupation: Division director, central support services, Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital

Community Service: Member, executive board of the Emmorton Recreation Council

Improvement suggestions:

* Increased parental involvement.

* Children should be "challenged" based on their individual learning abilities.

D8 * Upgrade and maintain existing physical facilities.

Dana F. Knapp

Age: 45

Residence: Edgewood

Occupation: Pastor, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Joppatowne

Community Service: Past president and current member, board of Edgewood Multipurpose Youth Center.

* Maintain parity of funding in all schools.

* Teaching and custodial staff should be supported more fully in terms of salary and working conditions.

* Capital improvements to existing schools should receive a higher priority in the budgeting process.

Anita Sills-Jones

Age: 39

Residence: Edgewood

Occupation: Homemaker

Community Service: President, Willoughby Woods Homeowners Association

Improvement suggestions:

* Improve student/teacher relations.

* Improve parental support.

?3 * Move educational needs to the "front burner."

Robert Paul Legg

Age: 39

Residence: Abingdon

Occupation: Attorney with Gordon, Feinblatt, Rothman, Hoffberger & Hollander

Community Service: Harford Leadership Academy

Improvement suggestions:

* Individualized, site-based management at each school would provide flexibility in dealing with a diverse cultural, ethnic, geographic and economic population.

* Staff schools after hours with physical education and fine arts teachers to provide care for latchkey children.

L * Expand free and reduced-price meals to all needy children.

William C. Peck

Age: 33

Residence: Abingdon

Occupation: Information systems consultant

Community Service: Mt. Zion United Methodist Church

Improvement suggestions:

* Develop a market-driven curriculum which would teach skills and educational requirements most wanted by employers and colleges.

* Encourage more businesses to help financially support different areas of the school system.

* Fair and consistent discipline that looks for the underlying causes of disciplinary problems.

JoAnn Wigglesworth

Age: 31

Residence: Edgewood

Occupation: Captain, U.S. Army Reserves

Community Service: Harford County Disaster Action Team

Improvement suggestions:

* More parent and community involvement in schools.

* Increase the number of high school students who go to college.

* Encourage business leaders to give more scholarships to students.

North County Lee Ann Blake

Age: 36

Residence: Forest Hill

Occupation: Homemaker

Community Service: Member, board of directors Maryland Congress of PTAs

Improvement suggestions:

* Anticipate growth patterns in population to better locate new schools.

* Innovative math and science projects to expose students to the rapid changes in technology.

* Teachers should be given opportunities to enhance professional growth through continuing educational opportunities.

Sallie Turner Bunce

Age: 39

Residence: Street

Occupation: Owner JKB Press Inc.

Community Service: Vice president, Dublin PTA

Improvement suggestions:

* Overcrowding in schools might be alleviated by moving teachers from less-crowded schools to more-crowded schools.

* More parental and community involvement in the schools.

* AIDS education should begin in prekindergarten and be reinforced every year.

Judi Martin

Age: 38

Residence: Forest Hill

Occupation: Homemaker

Community Service: Math and computer volunteer, Forest Hill Elementary

Improvement suggestions:

* Improve education of gifted children by identifying them in primary grades and hiring resource teachers.

* Improve computer programs by training teachers and parent volunteers in-house.

* Improve schools by inviting local people to share their knowledge and expertise in the classrooms.

Anne Hickey Ober

Age: 39

Residence: Jarrettsville

Occupation: Director of Health Services for Villa Maria

Community Service: American Heart Association

Improvement suggestions:

* Curriculum changes should be made with more regard for the "big picture."

* Increase parental involvement.

2& * Promote school community spirit.

At large Thomas L. Fargo

Age: 45

Residence: Bel Air

Occupation: Owner, General Business Services

Community Service: Director, Harford County Chamber of Commerce

Improvement suggestions:

* Teach students how to reason.

* Teach technology as a tool to reach objectives or overcome impossible tasks.

* Encourage vocational and technical training to students who may not seek a college career.

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