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With experience, gardens become joy-ful


Every time Joy Hare moved, she made another garden. And after 15 homes and 15 gardens, she decided her accumulated experience just might help others. So last Labor Day weekend she started Penny-Wise Designs, her own landscaping company, and she's been busy ever since.

She does everything from a half-day of routine garden maintenance to creating an entire landscape design and planting it. "I administer to people's garden needs," she says. "Generally people need a quiet place to go where they can be still and just enjoy, think, plan, relax -- and also entertain, too."

In her designs, she begins by transplanting and rearranging the plants her client already has. Her favorite plants to work with are the evergreens. "I use different textures of evergreens, which can be used to make a no-maintenance garden as opposed to a low-maintenance garden. You just come in and fertilize and mulch them once a year."

Ms. Hare also provides resources for walkways, decks, patios, even additions. "I know lots of contractors who do good work at reasonable prices," she says.

The telephone number for Penny-Wise Designs is (410) 377-7824.

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