Governor isn't for any of them


With so many voters dissatisfied with the choices in the presidential race, why should Gov. William Donald Schaefer be any different?

"What about H. Ross Perot?" Mr. Schaefer was asked yesterday after ceremonies honoring graduates of the University of Maryland School of Social Work.

"He's a danger," Mr. Schaefer said.

"My problem with Ross Perot is he has never ever had any experience in government."

And success as a business executive "is not the same," Mr. Schaefer said. "He's going to come in and go to Congress and try to talk to them and he's going to walk right into a wall."

The reason Mr. Perot has gotten so far in the polls, Mr. Schaefer surmised, is "the press isn't beating on him. They're always beating on the president and beating on the other man -- who I hope doesn't win."

Does that mean he won't support the likely Democratic nominee, Bill Clinton?

"Clinton's good in education," the governor said. "And that's all."

Does that mean Mr. Schaefer will support President Bush?

"I'm a Democrat," Mr. Schaefer said.

So what will he do this summer?

"I'm going to campaign for the congressional people," Mr. Schaefer said.

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