Ex-police sergeant jailed for 2 years as drunken driver


The last time retired Anne Arundel County police Sgt. Andrew A. Brady was in court, a judge found him guilty of his 13th alcohol-related driving charge. "And now I don't know what to do with you," said Judge Donald M. Lowman, who ordered a pre-sentence investigation in hopes of finding guidance.

At Mr. Brady's sentencing hearing yesterday in Glen Burnie District Court, the judge admitted that the report held no inspiration. He bemoaned a lack of secured, inpatient alcohol-treatment centers and, saying he had no other choice, sentenced Mr. Brady, who turns 69 today, to two years in jail.

"We're at a posture where there appears there's nothing we can do to stop you from drinking or stop you from driving except to put you in jail," the judge told Mr. Brady, an officer for two decades. "Sarge, this is a tough day for me and I'm sure it's a tough day for you because we go back a long way. I have, or had, a lot of respect for you. In my opinion you were a top cop.

"After you retired it appears you are unable to control this addiction," Judge Lowman added.

Steven N. Leitess, an assistant state's attorney for Anne Arundel County, described Mr. Brady as "a loose cannon on our highways" and "far and away the most egregious example of recidivism I've seen in four years as a prosecutor. It's outrageous."

The prosecutor said Mr. Brady has been convicted of 13 #F alcohol-related driving offenses since 1981 and was arrested seven times within a month in 1990. Mr. Brady has 52 points on his driving record yet, according to the judge, still carries insurance on a car registered with the state Motor Vehicle Administration.

Mr. Leitess asked for a maximum sentence of three years -- one year each for driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license and driving on a revoked license.

But the judge merged the suspended and revoked license counts because, he said, they amounted to the same crime. He gave Mr. Brady credit for time served since December, when he was jailed after his most recent arrest.

Mr. Brady yesterday continued to deny that he drove under the influence last Nov. 30, when he became involved in a confrontation with his landlord's son at the intersection of Crain Highway and Fifth Avenue in Glen Burnie.

He said he'd been sober for a year when he had a drink that night in hopes of checking into North Arundel Hospital's detoxification unit to get treatment of a rib injury.

At an April 30 hearing, Judge Lowman announced he had found Mr. Brady guilty of drunken driving, leading a prosecutor to say she would seek a maximum sentence of three years on the conviction. But the judge said yesterday that records showed Mr. Brady had been convicted of the lesser offense of driving under the influence.

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